TV show thread


House of Cards. I'm only 6 eps into the current series. It's, you know, okay. Please someone tell me it picks up the pace in the second half. Too mnu urgent phone calls to Governors at this point for my liking.


Just got around to watching the first episode of season 3 of Bloodline.

Holy ■■■■.

It just gets better and better.

Has to be one of the best shows on television at the moment.





I watched the first 5 or 6 episodes and just wanted the siblings to kill Ben Mendelsohn.

Couldn't go any further.


I reckon it's ok,. into the 3rd season.


I thought that was 2 seasons ago. There's got to be a time limit on spoilers.

Have you seen The Sixth Sense or Million Dollar Baby?


The Handmaid's Tale is worth a look. Based on the Margaret Atwood book, it's pretty heavy going but superbly acted and shot.

Religious fundamentalists have taken over the US in a world reeling from nuclear fallout. Due to radiation poisoning, most of the population are infertile. Women that aren't are rounded up, and their lives are all sorts of miserable.


No one else does it.

Fortunately for me, this time, I’ve seen the series, but it can take some people a long time to get onto or catch up on TV series, especially now when there’s so many good TV shows out there.

We don’t all do nothing else but Eat out, watch TV, go and see movies and watch Football.

So really, there’s no time limit, … but THERE IS spoiler tags, and they are pizz easy to employ.


Is that on FTA or Foxtel? I've seen there are torrents.


I've downloaded torrents. I think it's coming to SBS. Stars Elizabeth Moss and Ralph Fiennes.


And BTW, .. what you just nonchalantly dropped completely blows the whole 1st season plot,.. I would urge you to do the right thing and delete it.


Took out the offending paragraph and left in what I wanted to happen, but I feel that in pretty well all of his roles since the Big Steal.


He was great in Animal Kingdom.

Unfortunately it typecast him for simmering menace roles,.. but he's still good at it.


I binged it all in about 3 days, so it's a bit of a blur as to where and when the pace picks up / slows down.

It's a 'not bad' second half of the season, but you'd hope they are only going to go one more year.

The story is getting thin.


By pure accident I discovered that Fear The Walking Dead is actually doing a third season. I'm staggered they didn't cancel it, it must rate well, because it's utter garbage.

Despite that, I still caught up on the first three episodes for some reason and to my surprise (despite a laughable season premiere) it's actually not too bad.


I thought the last two episodes got too ridiculous, even for that show.

It's got one more series max


I agree with BK. First season was great & it deteriorated after that.


Full season is available via SBS on Demand from Thursday July 6


Ta, Dunlop. Is it being shown on SBS live, at all?

And do you have any idea on when Bosch is coming on SBS? I subscribed to Amazon Prime Video, just for Bosch, and it's marked as unavailable, which I thought was a bit of a rip-off.


Fair enough, I guess the weirder it got the less you liked it? Because I was the exact opposite.

What did you think of the 'International Assassin' episode in season 2?