TV show thread


I personally think that the last season was just taking the ■■■■.

It was an excuse to pump out an extra season because people would watch it and it would make money, that's all.

I thought the whole Inception wannabe thing was crap the first time to be honest and it certainly didn't get any better in season 3.

I'll be interested to hear CC's take on it though.


It was one of the lowest rating shows HBO has ever renewed, it didn't make much money. It got a third season off the back of critical acclaim, not commercial success, and that's a fair effort considering the critics were lining up to bury Damon Lindelof again.

I get it's a very bizarre and somewhat devisive premise, but I honestly don't get what you mean by 'Inception wannabe.'


On the Bosch front, no, in the past TV Tonight have reported airing dates a month in advance of the premiere, so I wouldn't expect anything until August at the earliest.

Re: Handmaid's Tale: No air date yet, but almost all of their on demand exclusive titles have gotten a run on SBS at some stage, albeit in double episodes and starting after 11pm (these are foreign language though). Given it is a buzzy English language show, I'd expect they'll hold off a month or 2 to drive traffic to on demand before giving it a FTA run, as it is in English that ought to ensure it an earlier timeslot but may not protect it from airing in 2hr blocks.


The whole, die and go into a further subconscious state of mind/parallel universe crap where he is an "assassin".

Thought it was terribly ■■■■■ and uninteresting.


Should probably spoiler tag that.

And I'm starting to understand why you didn't like season 3.


Big article on Ben Mendelsohn in this morning's Age...complete with my spoiler.


The last bit explains how she hit the 'Strictly Ballroom’ line so perfectly!

It had the potential to go down the Euro-noir path of recent years (no really, the real culprit is being focused on this week) but the two leads, in particular, held it above that.

I watched that scene at the end through slatted fingers.

Dunno whether the second season can be sustained, though.


I watched the first 2 episodes of 13 reasons why. God awful. Aimed at teenagers I assume


I didn't buy the whole international assassin or parallel universe thing
I love bizarre concepts, David Lynch being one of my favourites, but when series try to be surreal but come off derived or contrived, I think the writers are just being lazy.
The 3rd series only had 8 episodes & still they needed filler to achieve this. The aboriginal song dance episode was a crock, the one on the ferry was just an excuse to show off some Aussie T&A, but didn't add anything to the series.And the whole premise of why Kevin keeps coming back to life, is that he has dual identities in the parallel dimension full of dead people? The 2 identities being an assassin & the POTUS?? ■■■
Twin Peaks showed how to do parallel universes in a some what believable fashion, this show didn't.


For those interested (probably only me), Turn: Washington's Spies has just started Series 4.

The kid who played Billy Elliott is now grown up and playing a farmer on Long Island, whose father is fiercely loyal to the British, who spies for Washington's army. The show has one of the most hateful characters you could imagine, playing a real-life character, in Major John Simcoe who is at loggerheads with most of his British colleagues.

The core of the story is true. Relationships and characters have been exaggerated or shifted in time.

At the end of Season 3, Benedict Arnold has just betrayed the Americans and West Point academy because they didn't give him enough responsibility or credit.

It was funny when we were in London, we saw a house with a blue plaque saying "Here lived Benedict Arnold, American patriot". In the US, his name is synonymous with traitor.


Love me some House of Cards, thought it returned to form after last season.


Anyone else finish Better Call Saul S3?


And what a charming finish it was! Damn...


Enjoyed it. Nice rounding of circumstances.


All set up to move forward now into the good parts. So clever yet almost painstakingly slow when you reflect it's taken 3 seasons to get to this point.


Still at episode 4 of season 3. It's so awesome, hanging to binge watch the remaining episodes. Loving that we are now understanding more of Hector and Don eladio. Getting closer to BB levels of awesomeness


BB was the same. Ironically, it picked up when Saul and Mike came into the show to clean up the scene when Jess's GF overdosed.


Started Fargo Season 2. Awesome so far. Also, UFO W T F?


A par in Column 8 in this morning's SMH

Spoilers, forsooth!


Anyone been following the latest eps of Janet King? The current story line is very much parts of the Essendon/Cronulla saga, lol. Even includes a sports scientist and mentions a compounding chemist