TV show thread


Haven't been, but are about to. Sounds like it could hold extra interest now, .. whether it's enough to negate the cringeworthy seemingly compulsory 5 to 7 minutes of pensive Martha close ups per episode remains to be seen.


LOL, yes she is so frozen looking, but I did like her in A place to call home.

It's only over the last couple of weeks, I've really started to take notice of the similarities - without giving too much away - eg players should know what they have taken, why didn't they ask questions etc etc. A lot about match fixing as well. ASADA gets a mention a few times as well.


I didn't realise it was back on, will catch up on iview.


I think there is only a couple more episodes to go, but it is mainly the last couple of weeks when the performance enhancing drugs part has become more noticeable.




I'm a fan - the Culper Spy Ring is one of my favourite parts of US history - I'm just massively behind, I've got Seasons 2 & 3 sitting on the HD.


Thought I'd have a look at GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) on Netflix last night, and ended up watching four episodes. Set in the 1980s, a director of schlock films (played by Marc Maron) assembles a cast of female wrestlers for a TV show. Pretty funny, adult humour, and a must watch for fans of Alison Brie.


Personally I preferred Carmen Electra's NWWL


It's a pretty under-stated series. Her Russian heel gimmick is fantastic.

Highlight of the cameos/supporting parts by actual wrestlers: yes, Carlito gets to hold an apple at one point, but that hair is soooooo not cool.


Finished Season 2 of Fargo. One of the best seasons of a show I have seen.


Wait till you watch season 3. Incredible televison.


Not often l get to post in this thread, mostly l just come in for recommendations. However, l just caught up with Hinterland on the BBC. l have no idea which season it is, but this Welsh drama is very well done. It looks like the whole thing is filmed on location, the lighting and camera work is a definite feature, it gives the whole series a very different look, and feel. The stories have a common plot running through them to provide continuity. along with excursions into separate plots. Very atmospheric, and different from anything else l have seen.


Finished Fargo S3

Not 100% sure what happened at the end of that last scene between Gloria and Varga


It’s ‘Choose your own ending’


Weird decision to end the show the way, considering it is based on a true story. First season was a masterpiece, second season was fantastic and this season was meh.


As much a true story as Series 1 and 2.

i.e. as true as the time I made sweet, passionate love with Scarlett Johannsen.


At the request of the victim, the names have been changed


They keep claiming that, but nobody seems to have heard of cases like these.


The Cohen's still claim the original movie was 'based' on real events, but they're clearly 'havin' a laugh.' It's the Fargo schtick.

Edit: also Noonan, I think you missed what I did there...


Anyone with netflix watched GLOW???
Glamorous ladies of wrestling not a bad series...
Ive watched allseason one.

Good show @swooper