TV show thread


This post was way too long, all you had to do was mention Alison Brie and I was sold.


I noticed it, but didn't know who Sarah Johnson was...there's a Sarah Jones (not our one) who was in Vegas (with Michael Chiklis), Texas Rising and Alcatraz, that would cop it dingus-style...netball, no shower, carpark. If you'd mentioned her, I'd have accepted ScarJo being removed from my fantasies.

With regard to the Coens (no 'h'), yeah, there may well have been incidents like this, but they've added a fair bit of mayo...or in this case, tomato ketchup.

And what do you mean 'victim'? In my fantasies, it's more than consensual.


Loved it, dont mind the slower pace than breaking bad, The storylines and characters are so clever and brilliant. I thought the last episode was a very breaking bad style. I guess Jimmy/Saul himself is a breaking bad story, in itself


Also finished Fargo S3 this week, Fantastic, Fargo and Better call saul easily the top two things on TV at the moment


Patent pending.


I love Fargo - and enjoyed season 3 - but this was the weakest of the 3 in my opinion (by some margin).


Inclined to agree.


OK so I've finished it and boy that latest House of Cards season suuuuuucked.

About three or four episodes of content stretched across 13 episodes.



Clearly the weakest season, and they need to wrap it all up quick smart, but I thought it still stood up ok. Slow in the middle, but finished pretty strong.


Overall that’s true, but the ridiculous saved by the UFO thing really dragged season 2 down for me, which was disappointing, because the rest of it was pretty damn excellent television.


I thought the characters in S3 fargo were much more interesting, especially V.M Varga


Watched Big Little Lies, not bad. Only 7 episodes, but there are discussions of a second season. Recommended.


How was that performance and cinema when he was on screen.

I had squirmy physical reactions to watching him.


I’d actually forgotten the spoiler-protected bit. I’m thinking 'what the absolute f…?"


I got tired of it in Series 2 as well, and remembering the British series it's derived from, sometimes less is more.


I was a big fan, particularly seasons 2 and 3, but the last two have been dragging it out.

And the thing that annoyed me about the ending to 5, is that they clearly aren't winding down at all, they are resetting the series so it goes on and on and on. And it's showing.


Been binge watching sons of anarchy. Why did it take so long. Currently in season 2


It drops in quality in the last few seasons but overall was a good series imo.


Yeah, I lost it about S04 I think.


I'm pretty sure they've stated they are only doing one more.

Very few shows are still going good past season 5, most don't even make it that far.