TV show thread


They do one of those random things each season, the fish raining in the first, the UFO in the second and the bowling alley in the third. All of those scenarios have a deeper meaning to them, but they were not needed most of the time.


This latest series was the weakest no doubt, & what was the bloke from Twin Peaks supposed to represent? What happened to the Russian bloke that lost his ear? What was the opening scene in the first episode set in East Berlin supposed to add to the story? Looked completely irrelevant to me. And the episode where we it goes back to the 70’s in Hollywood was just a filler, & added nothing to the main story. Was like they just needed something to ensure it went to 10 full episodes.

I like Carrie C.o.o.n, but I have now seen her in 2 WTF series in a row, Fargo & The Leftovers & think her acting ability deserves better.


The myth of the wandering Jew.

But I had to go online and research that, there was no real way of knowing that from just watching the show, unless you were already familiar with the myth. (Even then, you'd have to be very familiar with it.) there was a lot of this through Fargo, and it happens a bit in other shows I really like (Leftovers, Mr Robot), but it's a bit of a pretentious way to make TV. It's all well and good having background themes that require some study, but not things that directly affect plot, like the Wandering Jew did.

I know you didn't like the leftovers, but she acted her friggin face off on that show. Very real chance of an Emmy.


I know she's a good actress, (I thought her acting was by far better in the first series of the Leftovers) but I'd prefer to see her in a more mainstream show where I don't have to refer to wikipedia to find out wtf is going on.


Fargo Season 3 finished. Pretty good but nowhere near season 2 IMO.

Different styles though which i liked.


Finally got The Handmaid's Tale started and boy is it bleak. Excellent acting from former mad men cast member Elisabeth Moss. Set in a totalitarian society, in a not too distant future, former USA. It's a hulu exclusive, so for those without hulu, will need to torrent or wait till sbs runs it (so I've heard it'll be on sbs).

If you can get your hands on it, give it a go. Perfectly disturbing.


It hit SBS On Demand a day or two ago.

I wish SBS would hurry up with the new series of Bosch. It's been out for a couple of months, and not available to Amazon Prime Video subscribers in Australia...which I reckon is a rort.


Bosch? A series about washing machines doesn't sound that exciting


I read about The Handmaid's Tale, that was disturbing enough. :grinning:

Am waiting for S2 of Versailles on SBS


Seasons 2 and 3 will be based on dish washers and power tools respectively.




I gave that new Twin Peaks 35 minutes of the first episode. And I liked the original.

What tripe.


I don’t have an exact date and time yet, but it is expected to air in September.


Whacko! I’m away most of September. Looks like remote Foxtel programming!


Update: Not as good as 7 days, still fkg funny though.


Great recommendation. 7 days in hell was outstanding. I'll check it out


Loving Ninja Warrior although if the hosts are quite irritating. The Englishman isn't bad but they have missed an opportunity by not getting Roy & HG on board.


Curb now back on October 1. Very short teaser online. Cannot wait. One of the best comedies ever to air on television.




Wot you don't agree or wot you don't know what what I'm talking about?