TV show thread


Wot I just peed a little.


That's a good wot. Here's the trailer:



Genuinely thrilled.

There's some good series available, but this is the Dustin Fletcher. The rest are Rance.


Pfft - has it gone up against another show in the same timeslot and beaten it hands down? All it has done is float around the internet and get the easy views from downloads. Until it goes one on one against The Big Bang Theory in a prime time slot I won't have a bar of it.


yeah same. so cringeworthy, but i can't stop watching.

rebecca madden ■■■■■ me to tears.


Enjoying 'The Handmaid's tale'.


I think best since seinfeld. Larry is a genius



Line of Duty Series 4 is reaching a very tense climax.

Not sure who’s done the killing, and which cops are corrupt.

Brilliant series, almost as good as Series 3…but probably better than Series 1 and 2.

Thandie Newton (most recently in Westworld) is the main cop under investigation in this series.


Enjoying? or Admiring?

Looked a tad too dystopian and nihilistic for me.


It’s pretty bleak and the negligible birthrate motivation is a scenario I hadn’t thought of before but the subtle references to current contemporary regimes can’t be ignored. The Soviet Union no longer exists but Saudi Arabia, Iran, N Korea and Afghanistan do and the parallels with these societies is quite jarring. There is ample religious zealotry and ant-government sentiment within the United States that makes you think that although highly improbable, the seeds of that kind of uprising could turn into something more if the conditions were right. And like Offred said during a monologue, "the changes happened slowly and were so subtle that we didn’t notice our rights had been taken away until it was too late.

You’d remember the Australia Card issue in the 1980’s that nearly caused an uprising? The public went mad and rightly so over the planned invasion of privacy. They’ve gone 1000x further than that today yet it hardly raises an eyebrow. Little by little…


Couldn’t wait for the next two Wednesdays, so a couple of torrent files accidentally landed on my computer.


Can’t wait


I just finished watching Taboo, it’s different!


I didn’t mind it, but to me Tom Hardy as producer has proved that with enough money, you can both make any television show and buy any drugs you want. In this case, at the same time.


I didn’t mind it without being able to rank it in the upper echelon of Tv shows, it had potential but could have been so much more. I like Tom Hardy…


Am only 2 episodes into Taboo, so far seems intriguing , so hoping it’s different in a good way, although it’s darkness, tells me, no.


Based on the fact that it’s set in the Regency perid, I assume it’s based on a Jane Austen story.

I can see James Delaney as an alternative Fitzwilliam Darcy.


The wife and I finished The Handmaid’s Tale last night. Needless to say she hates me now.