TV show thread


Just now? Mine has hated me for years


Ofgillsy doesn’t know how lucky she is.


She probably always did too. Probably feels empowered to tell it to my face. Should probably tell her to get out of my den.


Exactly. I think a stoning is in order.




Considering how crazy Anti-Trump Sam Esmail has gone, I’m worried the whole season will be a Trump metaphor.

Make or break season this one.



Last season was a bit draggy and routine in parts. It’s got some credits in the bank though.


Also: why must all good tv always be so far away and then never run long enough?


Last season was a mixed bag, but it did have the ‘Alf’ episode though, which was insane.


Loved his work on Seinfeld. i found Curb Your Enthusiasm completely underwhelming. All the plots and punch lines were so predictable, because he used the same style on Seinfeld. George Costanza was a far better Larry David, than the man himself, and far funnier too.


I just finished Ozark on Netflix.

It’s not bad, it tries SO hard to be Breaking Bad - and it’s so not - but it’s still a tidy little crime drama.



I agree with everything you say but exactly the opposite way around.


Offspring… Asher Keddie…


Then l will have to check out the new series, just no telling when.


Its awesome imo, hardy is a boss


Like anything, each to their own. I’ll admit to being a curb fanboy. Or as we refer to ourselves “carwash ■■■■■”.


Catalyst is back! Woot!!

Also, … does anyone watch “Dirty Jobs”??.

Interesting and sometimes hilarious show, one of the better US products, … and actual reality TV.


It’s a great show. One of the few American host/personalities that doesn’t make you want to gouge out your own eyes to block your ears with.


He is good, … never get’s annoying, and has a genuine quick wit.

They could all take a leaf.


Anyone watching The Defenders? I’m still not sure if Danny Rand/Iron Fist is an excellent portrayal of an annoying twat, or just a poorly written and performed character. I’m actually hoping the other Defenders turn on him and beat him to a blood-soaked pulp.