TV show thread


Good Episode of Catalyst on tonight,. for Science and Space/Astronomy buffs.


Don’t know if this has been discussed in this thread and l have just missed it, if so apologies, but is Ozark any good?


Yes. Strongly recommend.


Just finished Season 3 of Narcos. After 2 seasons trying to catch Escobar, the third focuses on the efforts to take down the Cali cartel who rise up to fill the void left by Escobar’s death.

Well paced, well scripted and some great acting performances. Pedro Pascal as DEA agent Pena and and Francisco Denis as Cali 2IC Miguel Rodriguez are particularly good.


I think I liked it better than season 2.

Oberyn is awesome.


Here is what you’ve been waiting for @Alan_Noonan_10:

Bosch Season 3 begins Thursday September 28 at 8:30pm with a double episode. Thereafter it moves back an hour and in single episodes for the remaining 8 episodes.


Jeeze, you guys go on about bosch dishwasher and now you get a 3rd seasons…


Three weeks to go! Pretty pretty pretty good.


:joy: when he shoves the perfume chick


Just started watching Ozark,

Jesus christ!


Anyone elses other half watch the bachelor/bacherlorette?

My wife is addicted. Cannot believe Sophie Monk is on it. Now ahe is getting desperate.


Not in the Heff house.


Been watching a few random things of late.

Ozark - Some impressive work, I’m generally a fan of Jason Bateman and this is no exception. Incorporates some confronting issues, although not quite sure exactly where it will end up - seen about 8 eps or so.

Wynona Earp - Entertaining effort, appears to have been done on the cheap side without a huge amount of thought but very enjoyable as a bit of thoughtless fun. Almost a tongue in cheek at times take of the supernatural genre.

Lucifer - Also entertaining, only 1 season through - seems to have a lot of similarities to Castle. Probably a little too many “trying to be silly in serious moments” moments but still enjoying it overall.

Emerald City - May have mentioned this before - unique adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, found it quite enjoyable, nothing ground breaking but worth a watch.

Defenders - Eh, I’d watched Jess Jones and Iron Fist, took a few eps to get decent, and stayed just decent.


star trek discovery is live on netflix tomorrow. frankly my expectations are in the toilet but i’m crossing my fingers that it will surprise me and do something new and interesting for star trek and turn into an epic 7 season masterpiece.


If anyone has a parks and rec shaped hole in their TV viewing schedule, I would suggest checking out the good place. It starts off a little shaky, but the first season ends on a twist to rival any high budget drama. Also Ted Danson is still terrific.

It seems like netflix is adding new episodes weekly (as they air in the US), which is nice.


Curb back with a bang last night. It was good. Nowhere near their best, but a really solid start.




Enjoyed the first 2 Star Trek episodes.


its so much better than parks and rec, binged everything thats out last night.


Stumbled onto a show called Angie Tribeca.

Wasn’t expecting much, but if you’re a fan of ‘Zucker Abrahams Zucker’ comedy, you’ll like this.

It’s silly as all hell.