TV show thread



I reckon the main thing that show did for me is highlight how few comedies use visual gags these days (cartoons excluded).



Not sure if I should do this because I just read it wasn’t renewed but what I thought was a genuinely good show, Quarry, set in 72 Memphis, Vietnam vet returns to less than welcoming USA, struggles, gets into some trouble, won’t say anymore other than amazing cast, really convincing gritty 70’s atmos, fantastic sound track. Dug this show a lot and was physically hurt by the axing, punch in the guts. That doesn’t happen often, whereas amazing shows getting axed by idiots does.

In the meantime, strange Canadian show called Tin Star with Tim Roth as an alco Brit expat cop, still not sure but worth a look.

And The Sinner with Jessica Biel. That should be enough but pretty intriguing tale as well.


Started watching this last week and I’m pretty much up to date. It’s fantastic. One of the best twists I’ve seen!

On it being for fans of Parks and Rec it may be because one the writers (Megan Amram) is a writer on both.


I watched Quarry. Disappointed it’s one and done. And there’s so much stuff that I hate that gets multiple seasons (2 Broke Girls)


…also the showrunner is the same guy.


Foisted! Classic I reckon, I just watched it a second time and laughed more than the first time


I laughed a lot at the dead parriket exchange with Richard, thought that was brilliant. The bride groom discussion was also top notch.


The first time Leon answered the phone as secretary :joy:


Anyone watched Get Krack!n on ABC?

Girls really push the boundaries last week. Was gagging in front of the TV.


I think it’s the best Australian comedy in 20 years.


Is it my imagination or was everyone laughing more during their lines than normal in the classic style of improvised curb? Richard Lewis usually does not crack but even he was almost laughing. In fact in that scene when they met in the restaurant, he felt the need to ad lib and explain why he was laughing


Noticed that too. I was thinking to myself that they were so happy being back doing the show they just couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces.

It was an excellent return.


Yep I noticed it too. Particularly with the Richard scene. And in the Leon scene outside the granny flat Larry was laughing far more than he normally would.


It’s great. As was their “cooking” show


I really really liked this episode the second time. I think I was too much in disbelief the first time


Watch Daredevil season 1 & 2, they were great.

Love Lucifer and enjoy Wyonna

Ozark was well done


Have now converted Mrs dingus to Curb. So much so that to fill in the time between episodes we’re binging on seasons 1-8. There is so much to appreciate the 2nd time around.

Possibly GOAT, this show.


Im loving this new season, it’s just typically so absurd, but also typical Larry David in the way he threads the story line. Leon more prominent, definitely Like that. The funkhouser kid / picklejar, LOL! Only Larry David can make that funny


Mr Robot back on today. The first seven mins of the first ep (officially posted on twitter yesterday) basically confirm the suspicion that the the series is about to go full sci fi. @Paul_Peos