TV show thread


Want to (like sci-fi) and don’t want to (don’t like bad sci-fi)…

I’ll give it a look though


I reckon I’ve seen all of 10 episodes of Star Trek in my life and that was during Voyager. Or whichever one had Seven of Nine.

But I’m really enjoying Discovery. I think I’m an episode behind at this point.


way too much of this around.

just because you throw around scientific ideas doesn’t make it good.


It has more of the new movie feel to it than the old Star Trek stuff. The Klingon’s are based on the movie Klingon’s too.

The one good thing this series is tackling is the removal of human attributes focus. Only humans had variations, all other species was uniform and behaved in a uniform way. Now they have variances (as you would normally expect). They also don’t speak much English and when they do it is with a heavy accent (as you would expect).


Found an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm on this morning, and decided l would give it another chance. The episode was about the funeral of a young kid, and the final scene was at his memorial service, for those who know it.

I still find Larry David very unfunny, with all the punchlines to his jokes all too obvious. That is only half as annoying as his character is. In the final scene he just across as rude and obnoxious as well as completely disrespectful. l won’t bother watching him again.



I reckon this is about the 6th or 7th time you’ve posted about how much you don’t like this show.

We get it. You don’t like it. But you’re not going to convince any of us that it’s no good.


In fact, I’d rate it prettyyyy, prettyyyyy, pretty good.


Twice that l can recall. l found it on yesterday, so l decided to give it another viewing.


Discovery is brilliant. It is so far removed from other series’ yet still carries the essential Star Trek vibe. Visually stunning. Great character development and aliens look and move (like second in command) as I imagine they would. The representation of Klingons is great. They look and act like a species to be feared. Wonder if the Borg will ever make an appearance. So much scope there.

Anyway, Netflix are pouring billions (8 next year) in producing original content and you can see through Discovery’s special effects, it’s money well spent.


Has anyone been watching The Deuce with James Franco (as identical twin brothers) and Maggie Gylenhaal.

All about the start of the modern pr0n era, around 42nd Street in NYC. I was there in 1983 and 1987 and it was pretty grotty, but apparently Giuliani cleaned it up and it was nothing out of the ordinary in 2010.


Thought the last curb Ep was better than the previous couple


Latest series from the guy that did The Wire. Getting strong reviews, has the same level of immersion apparently.


I know we are supposed to be discussing good TV in here, but man The Walking Dead is a tough show to love. How the writers can fark up such great characters and an awesome premise season after season, is quite extraordinary.

Weirdly enough, Fear the Walking dead had a pretty solid season 3, and is currently the better show. Never thought I’d say that.




Making my way through the second season of the expanse. Big improvement on season 1 but still patchy and let down by some lightweight acting.

I also find the whole protomolecule stuff kinda blah blah and would much rather it focused purely on the politics of a multi planetary solar system.


stranger things s2 is live.


That thiller trailer was one of the best things I’ve seen this year


Fear was coming from a very low base


Still really looking forward to the next season