TV show thread



I lost touch with daft Punk after Discovery. Liked Tron though


Yeah, it does have a touch of ‘midichlorians’ about it.

Solid show though, even if Holden’s character is just John Snow in space (John Space.)


I think that is giving Holden way too much credit. He’s an awful actor too. I’d quite happily do away with him and leave the English woman in charge

Meanwhile I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by trek.


You should listen to Random Access Memories, it’s one of my tavorite albums of all time by any artist.


Do you mean the same writer, or director? If you mean the same writer, then colour me interested. l rate The Wire very highly.


stranger things is going offf


Anyone been watching mindhunter?


Yeah finished it all. Really good and can’t wait for Season 2. Love David Fincher’s work.


The guy playing kemper is ■■■■■■■ creepy as, close as to the original guy.

theres a video on youtube comparing the 2.


Created, written and executive produced.

Created and written by author and former police reporter David Simon and his frequent collaborator George Pelacanos


Very good actor.


Can anyone tell me what network/server Curb is on here? Or are you guys getting it through other means? @dingus @SMJ


It’s HBO, so farkin Foxtel has it


Thanks Peos.

That is annoying.


I get the Foxtel Now Pop Pack for $15 a month.

It’s not exactly ‘value’ but it does have most of their major shows on there. Plenty to watch.

Sure, you can get them elsewhere, but I got sick of watching dodgy copies that may or may not work during the last GOT season, so just bit the bullet and paid for them.


Option 2.

VPN is your friend in this day and age.


Pirate Bay has it.


I saw in the reviews last week that a lot of people claimed they were revolted, sickened etc by the execution scenes in the new mini-series, Gunpowder, about the Gunpowder Plot commonly attributed to Guy Fawkes.

I watched the first ep last night and wondered how those people got on with True Blood, GOT, Walking Dead etc etc etc. There was a middle-aged woman stripped and crushed to death and then a guy hanged, drawn and quartered, but not graphically.

Kit Harrington (aka Jon Snow) is a writer, producer, creator of the series and playsthe main conspirator, Robert Catesby. Also stars Liv Tyler and Mark Gatiss. MG seems to be in every single British historical drama.

Anything to complain about on social media for some people, I suppose.


I use a mates log in for Netflix - Stranger Things S2 is pretty awesome.

Run a Kodi as well for most of my TV show entertainment. My WWE plug in was a piece of crap so I’ve bit the bullet and connected to WWE network again. $10 US a month is good value but I find myself not watching it that much.