TV show thread


Don’t you get sick of watching pandas and all that other wildlife stuff?


Only animal on there now is THE BIG DOG!!!


Yep, an awesome show.

On the Borg, doubtful as the Borg don’t have any contact with humans (except for how they started in the Destiny novels) until Q brings them into the path of TNG with Picard.


Didn’t the Enterprise encounter the Borg? In the episode Regeneration?


Hated Enterprise so didn’t watch it.


I watched a few but I gave up quickly.

Basically they destroyed a Borg ship but they sent out communications of Earth’s coordinates to the Delta Quadrant, which would take 200 years to reach it’s destination it was said, so basically lining up with Next Gen. Although for continuity it doesn’t make sense as Picard had no records (nor Star Fleet) of contact with Borg, until Q flicked them across space for their first meeting.


Just one of the things very wrong with that show.


Just finished episode two of Mindhunter.

Fincher can do no wrong.


It’s arguably the single best episode of enterprise. Season 3 is worth a look.


I’m really enjoying discovery but thought the new episode was kaka


Yeah I didn’t see the point of it. Well I suppose they had to deal with the Mudd guy because you knew he would be back and I am guessing they wanted to relax the Burnham character down a bit and make her more human. Other than that it was really quite a pointless episode. Thankfully next week goes back to the real work.


Enjoyed last nights episode of Discovery. Was a bit of fun, with a bit more character development. The production is so contemporary yet they’ve retained the character of series past


ABC2 is being rebranded as a comedy channel post-7:30pm (they can’t afford to lose the daytime kids shows that pull in huge ratings). If it means more new Aussie comedies à la Ronny Chieng, get krackin, rosehaven etc then I’m all for it.


The interviews with Ed Kemper in Mindhunter is the most captivating television I have seen in a while.

The guy playing Ed Kemper plays a straight bat but you can’t take your eyes off him.


Is HARD QUIZ just about the best 30 mins of FTA TV right now …??

Or would it be Gruen?


Hard to split them. Thought the young lass on HQ was going to throw up at the Royal Cheese line!


He gets a bit of scope… e.g. “under Prince Charles’ foreskin”.


Just watched the last episode. He got a bit nasty did ol Ed.


I’m only up to episode 6.

It runs at a snails pace but it’s very well crafted.


Anyone else seen Preacher?

Great show.