TV show thread


Gruen was great tonight.

I find myself watching more and more ABC these days.

And with that statement, I find myself more and more turning into my parents.



Finished expanse season 2. Sooo much better than season 1 and really got me in. Still patchy and Holden is a tool but worth a look. Sadly you probably have to sit through season 1 first to have any hope of knowing what is going on


Other than live sport does commercial free to air actually have anything worth watching?

That’s a rhetorical question by the way.


Might have to have a look at that one.


If you like you’re sci-fi it’s definitely worth a look and if you allow for the star trek season 1 quality discount you’ll find something to like in it.

I’m also a big bab5 fan and the first season of that is pretty terrible save for about half a dozen key episodes.

Expanse definitely has the scope to achieve what Bab 5 did well before box sets were a thing. Albeit without the galaxy wide focus. It’s far more grounded in our present reality and understanding of physics than b5.


I’d never watched Hard Quiz before last night, I was extremely skeptical.

It’s good. Really good


Also speaking of good, Rosehaven is absolutely sensational. Helps if you are deeply in love with Celia Pacquola (as I most definitely am)


Agree with the above. The only broadcast TV I watch these days is Have You Been Paying Attention on 10 and Wednesday night comedies on the ABC,


Have You Been Paying Attention is also good.
Ironically - has a few of the original ABC crew.


I watched Rosehaven last night for the first time.
Enjoyed it too - will have to get the first season for a look.


Couldn’t agree more.
The majority of stuff is just mind numbing.

On Gruen they we’re looking at the the latest piracy ads and analysing why we pirate in the first place. Well lack of content is a start and if the commercial channels do show anything worthwhile - then it is littered with so many ads that it ruins the experience anyway.


Finished stranger things 2 last night. Has a show ever stuck it’s landing better?


Just watched S01E01 of Scrotal Recall / Lovesick - looks promising if you like British humour.


Sit back and enjoy, ripping show.


Oh yeah. Latest curb an absolute cracker. Accidentally texting someone on purpose. Classic!!!


Kyle Chandler is a criminally underrated actor


The new Netflix series “Dark” that comes out on the 1st of December looks like another winner.



Intriguing. Will definitely be adding that to the must watch list.


Has potential.

I enjoyed Stranger Things but this looks to be a little bit more serious.