TV show thread


I’m not convinced

I thought Cate Blanchett stood out on Carol & Ben Mendelson also rang rings around him on Bloodlines.

Just a bit wooden & has mastered the ‘blank look’ pretty well, at least in both these 2 movies/shows


Anyone tried Rake? Liked the synopsis, then turned it on and realised it was Aussie…


Rake is very good and even better when you get to know the characters.


Rake is excellent. Not the typical Aussie drama.


Watch him as coach Taylor in Friday Night Lights or as the DEA agent in Wolf of WS

Ben Mendelson is an amazing actor though


Has anyone seen the Punisher series yet?

Very high IMDB rating!


Like the movie thread. Top 5 tv series

  1. Deadwood
  2. The wire
  3. Rome (first sason)*
  4. West Wing
  5. Next Gen/bab5 (I can’t not have a single genre series in here and I can’t split these 2)

Honorable mention to making a murder. i really should bump Rome from the list for the second season and the historical liberties by I just loved the first season to bits.

Think I have to do a separate list for comedy, probably should do a seperate list for genre too

*Totally forgot about GOT, Rome gets bumped


Comedy top 5

  1. Seinfeld
  2. Simpsons
  3. The young ones
  4. Fraiser
  5. Family ties


  1. Next Gen
  2. Bab 5
  3. GOT
  4. BUFFY
  5. DS9 but it might be cheating to have two treks so Battlestar Galactica remake. (DS9 probably shades bsg for endurance)


No separate lists! Make a tough call and go for a overall Top 5.

The Wire
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Black Mirror

Extremely unlucky: Frontline, Arrested Development, The Office (UK)


Hmmmm, Black mirror deserves a mention too. Firefly too


Apparently when this first aired in Europe it was shown without a laugh track. Would make for a very different and equally awesome show. My nickname at work is Hawkeye


But I can’t


I’m not a MASH generation guy (originally aired before my time) but i think it’s brilliant. It’s extremely funny, clever and poignant. And yeah, it was a little preachy at time, and had some down episodes, but overall the standard was really high for a series that ran that long.

I believe the final episode is the highest rating episode of any TV show of all time in the US, even still.


Agree with all those SMJ, except MASH, as I have never watched an episode.


The Wire
The Killing (forbrydelsen)
The X Files
True Detective


band of brothers
planet earth (doco series 1 and 2)
the sopranos
the good place season 1
dexter seasons 1-5, never watched the rest, don’t plan on it.


Good Nom


Get Smart
The Thick of It
Top Gear (roughly 05-15 era)
Parks and Rec

Honourable mentions: Veep, Arrested Development (S1-3), Mad Men, Cosmos (both versions)


First season is awesome, haven’t seen the second. Have heard it isn’t worth it


Brilliant, a few imitators around now that are nowhere near as good.

Farkity bye - still cracks me up