TV show thread


Breaking Bad
Lost - I know people hate it but that show had me hooked like know other.


Interesting, because I reckon season 5 of the wire is by far the weakest, leaving the series on a bit of a ‘meh’ note, while Breaking Bad finished up with its best season of the lot.

For its entirety, I personally have BB ahead, but I’m splitting hairs.

  1. Breaking Bad
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. The Wire
  4. The Leftovers
  5. Mr Robot (for now…)

Stranger Things may end up in there, and if Weeds finished at Season 5 it would be high on my list.

Comedy is too hard to do only 5.


Really? I really liked the newsroom season, but yeah I know others who thought it dipped. You know what, Breaking Bad was strong all the way. The more years we get into the domination of the tv series, the more we see how hard it is to maintain consistency, but BB delivered in spades. I think I’d thought it dipped a bit but it certainly ended well.

On that note, I know I’m behind, but I’ve been making my way through Fargo season 3. I thought it’d lost something from the first two exceptional seasons, but after watching episode 8, this story’s got fantastic momentum and is becoming another huge thumbs up.


Up to episode 6 so far. Loving it (although anything will look good after yawning my way through the Iron Fist series).


It’s in a long line of TV series I need to catch up on.

I’m not really familiar with the comic but I’m hoping that doesn’t matter.


Nope, won’t matter at all. You have to watch Daredevil season 2 before watching Punisher though, it’s a direct continuation of that storyline for his character.

Marvel have set up all their TV shows to market them at people who aren’t familiar with the comics, so you’ll be fine. I read the comics a little bit as a kid (The Phantom and Batman were more my style), but have had no problem following the different TV shows. Some of them are better than others (as indicated in my previous post, Iron Fist was a bit slow and the character himself was a whiny little turd), but overall they are very good. Punisher is shaping up to be up there with the best of them so far.


Punisher > any other tv series marvel has made. in fact its probably one of the best series i’ve seen this year. 2nd only to the good place in terms of enjoyability. it was a visceral experience.


That’s a glowing endorsement.


Every time I go to start watching The Punisher all I see is the actor that plays him and think of his character from TWD and think “Nup”.

Same thing when I see him in Sicario. The guy sh1ts me for some reason.

  1. GoT
  2. Sopranos
  3. The Wire
  4. Deadwood.
  5. Breaking Bad / X Files.

I would grow thin, trying to live on the difference between any of them, sky high for quality all. Keeping in mind l haven’t seen many of the other shows people have mentioned, as l haven’t had regular access to TV and attendant for almost 25 years.


The Wire is getting a lot of love. Something I haven’t watched, might need to give it a go.

Breaking Bad would be my favourite drama and The Office (UK) my favourite comedy.


I watched the Wire maybe 5 years ago all the way through and I’m currently going through it again.

On second viewing it’s even stronger than when I watched it the first time.

There is a reason it is regularly voted the best tv series ever or around the mark.


My missus told me to watch it ages ago but never got around to it. Currently watching Mr. Robot (another of her recommendations) and am near the end of season 2. Loving it.


Yeah, Mr Robot is good also.

I think you will certainly notice a step up in character development when you watch the Wire though.

It has a cast of about 30 different characters and each one you can relate to in some way. Similar to Game of Thrones I guess.

Cant say enough good about the Wire.


Deadwood should certainly be in there.

I’d have GoT, Band of Brothers, The Sopranos too.

And Dexter if not for the last couple of seasons.

I enjoyed another Timothy Olyphant in Justified.

NYPD Blue was a long-time favourite too but became more of a soap opera. Hill Street was a bit the same.

Never watched a few of the others. I’ve got The Wire but only up to season 2.

Some of the stars from The Wire seems to pop up in other Simon/Ostermeyer shows like Treme and Bosch.


I’d have both Weeds and Sons of Anarchy in there but they dropped away rapidly in their last couple of seasons.

In no order
The Wire
The Simpsons (based on first 6-7 years)
Game of Thrones
The Americans (although yet to get past season 3)
Breaking Bad


The Wire is so clearly the greatest TV series ever that it isn’t funny. It actually transcends the medium. It’s almost an insult to refer to it as a ‘TV show’. It is genuinely a great work of art.


Agree with all of that but for pure escapism, production value, acting, script I’ll take Deadwood. Must have watched it through 5 times.

Started mindhunter last night. very very good.


The Wire
Breaking Bad
True Detective (S1)
Game of Thrones

So many shows so close, Seinfeld, Entourage, Battlestar Galactica, Sense8 (s1), Banshee, Person of Interest, Justified, NYPD Blue The Leftovers Lost


Second season was ok but never had a chance to live up to the first season.