TV show thread


Halfway through the Sinner at the moment.

Intriguing premise and well executed.


Watched the first episode of the new Netflix series Dark.

Shares some similarities with Stranger Things.

Overall, based on the first episode I would say it has promise.


Watching the second episode tonight. Inside a minute I had to turn off the awful American dubbed voices and turn on the original german with subs. Dunno how people can watch foreign tv/films that are dubbed, highly distracting.


I have the german copy.

Yeah, dubbing is only good for kung fu films.


Just finished watching the new season of Rake. Cleaver is one of my all time favourite characters, as well Cal McGregor.


I enjoyed the new episode of Vikings last night.


I’m bored in recovery mode. I have foxtel (No movies) and Netflix.

Suggestions on what to watch would be appreciated.


The Sinner is quite good.


Just finished it! Yep really enjoyed it. And finished Alias Grace. Enjoyed that to.


I’m watching Dark at the moment.

It’s good but its subtitles.


Just saw this top 5 thing and needed to have a ping - not breaking any new ground here but:

  1. The Wire - As mentioned, the best ever by a mile.

  2. Arrested Development - The most re-watchable and brilliantly funny show ever.

  3. The Sopranos - Well, yeah.

  4. The Leftovers - I got the recommendation for this show from here - thank you to whoever it was. I am not sure if it was the time I watched it or something else but I can’t remember any show that has left a more profound impact on me. I was still thinking about it weeks after is was finished. It is brilliant (including, controversially, the first season).

  5. Seinfeld - See the Sopranos.

Honourable mentions to Breaking Bad, The Office (UK), Black Mirror and Better Call Saul.


Philip K ■■■■’s Electric Dreams are adaptations of PK ■■■■ short stories on Stan or elsewhere if you look, a little uneven over 10 eps but generally really quite good if you prefer a British take on your sci-fi. Has Black Mirror tones

And I’m only 1 ep in but German series Babylon Berlin looks brilliant, highly recommend if you liked Man in the High Castle or SSGB, or just like well made noirish, Weimar/Nazi era kind of stuff, if that’s not too specific.

Oh god, PK Dickk


Just finished the series of ‘Bloodline’ and hot damn that is a horrible ending

Turns out, it’s the same guys that did Sopranos - which also got slammed for a horrible ending.

Jumped online to read, I am certainly not alone in my opinion.

For anyone that has more than 1 sibling, Season 1 (and parts of 2) - were something you could relate to with family dynamics. Season 1 was a cracker and Season 2 - tied up chunks of the story line nicely with out overdoing it.

But Season 3, was simply a hot steam, character development was all over the shop and then the last 2 episodes were just a mess and finished like it was going into season 4, but it’s actually the end of the series.

A bit like House of Cards or True Detective, writers need to know when to leave a winner a lone and close up shop.

Really disappointed as it was such a slow show towards the end and you get to the point where you have to watch to find out what happens, but you actually don’t want to.

This seems to be a theme with these series now, draw out 1 or 2 series of content, into 3 or 4


Agreed. ■■■■ house ending.


I’m Alan Partridge
Curb Your Enthusiasm
(Early) Simpsons

(Peep Show, Black Adder, Arrested Development…)


Yep, all those ran through my head too! Partridge in particular, I’m watching all those again at the moment.


It’s a pisstake of Vikings, and similar shows.

They film every scene in Norwegian, then do it again in English

I think you can view full episodes on YouTube, and it’s on Netflix over here.


I gave up after series 2. 1st series was great, Ben Mendolson is a great actor…he just looking like a slimmy prick


yep seen that.

Last Kingdom
and Norseman

any others out there.


Plus one. Was really disappointing.

The 3rd series lost it’s way, and IIRC, it got canned and they had to wind it up quickly in the last couple of eps.