TV show thread


Didn’t bother with season 3 myself. The story was done, didn’t care about the characters any more.


Ditto. I’ve gone off shows where a character just knows they’ve stuffed everything up and are unwilling to change their ways.

He’s made a career of it though. Pretty much since The Big Steal when he was an innocent.



The Wire
Breaking Bad
Lost (seasons 1-5)
Band of Brothers

Still going:

Better Call Saul
Game of Thrones
Mr Robot


Thank you to those who suggested the Wire.

■■■■■■ outstanding.


Best series ever and ever.


Omar comin’


I finally got around to watching Stranger Things. Knocked off both seasons this week.

Fantastic show, don’t know why I took so long to get around to it.


So Stranger Things, … whats the minimum age to watch it do people reckon?

I’m looking to load some movies TV (non FTA stuff) etc onto Laptops I bought for the Grand kids for Xmas.

Girl 12, Boy 14. Any suggestions welcome, coz I have NFI.

I have a fair store of stuff on my Hard Drives, but I reckon almost zero of it fits the bill.



Early teens is fine.


I’d use the movie Gremlins as a rule of thumb. Whatever age you watched it and what age you’d be comfortable for your kids to watch it is probably the same level of scary/gore/violence of stranger things.

Barnz is right, you’ll be fine with the ages of your kids watching it.


New season of Black Mirror dropping next week. Hell yes. I’m so ready to be depressed / horrified.


Peaky Blinders.


Watched Godless on netflix.
Western with Jeff Daniels as the villian looking for revenge against a gang member who betrayed him who holes up in a town full of women who lost their husbands in a mine disaster. 7 part series. Really enjoyed it.


Enjoying StartUp thus far.

crypto start up with some gang/mob/fbi ■■■■ thrown in.


Vikings…so good.


Manhunt Unabomber is very good.


Chance. Very bingable.

And Hugh Laurie, … Nuff sed.


Just finished Unabomber on Netflix, it was good.


Anyone watched Riviera (SBS on Demand)

Have watched 2 outta 10 episodes, already addicted.


Is the unabomber actor the dude that’s nude in a knights tale?