TV show thread


Just finished Six Feet Under, sporadically watched it on tv on its original run and great to watch it in full, excellent series.


First episode of new Black Mirror (USS Callister) is really good.


Indeed. I’ve been into it for about a month now and am totally in love with it. Amazing TV. Really enjoying the politics and incredible characters (especially Omar and Bubbles). The realistic endings (or non-endings) to storylines are great too.


Good work. Where are you up to?

The good news is that it gets better as it goes along. General consensus is that seasons 3 and 4 are the best ones (though I also liked all the others).


Is it season 4 that opens up with the purchase of a nail gun?

Whichever season that one is, is farkin incredible.


Yep. And focuses on the kids at school.

I have 2 episodes to go to finish the series. It now takes top spot for favorite TV shows ever.


Deep into season 3. Hamsterdam. :slight_smile:


One of the best; absolute top shelf stuff. The characterization is excellent, throughout. l also like the way the technology changes season to season and how the cops work to catch up. Very clever.


Two eps to go! You’ll be please to know they really nail the ending too.


Finished. Need a bit of time to digest it all. The laat scenes were perfect.

Blitz delivers again by recommending this one.


Berlin station or unabomber next?


I rarely check into this thread.

Seems like no-one has mentioned over the last 500+ posts I scanned:

Best drama:

The Monocled Mutineer.

This late '80s show was - and still is - revolutionary. It told a story from WW1. Even 70 years after the fact, the English govt tried to have it banned.

Why? Because it showed how the Poms treated their own soldiers. It showed how farking terrible WW1 was.

It showed how one man with tremendous charisma tried to escape from that and help others out. It showed how the Poms tracked him down and killed him.

There are plenty since then that show ultra violence, plenty of blood and gore but none are realistic in their portrayal of death. That is another reason why this show still lingers on, thirty years after seeing it. Yet another is its selection of music from those times - it still haunts my memory.

But despite his fantastic performance, the main actor only had bit parts after that, suggesting the establishment still has deep influence

Best Comedy:

Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

How can no-one mention this? It revolutionised comedy and has even added to the language.


Berlin Station is VERY good.

All those American actors should thank their lucky stars they got into a series better than almost all US TV series.

And for an extra element of frisson, after seeing Ep 2 I bet Mrs A_T that not one person in 100,000 could identify its embedded cryptic reference.

See if you can - of course, without the aid of Google.


Finished Newsroom earlier this month

Started sooo well, season 1 and 2 were great. Season 3 was the final and simply a hot mess. Another series ruined


I’ve got to start watching this.

I know Series 2 is on SBS. Is Series 1 easily obtainable?


Series 1 is on SBS too. I just started watching it there.


Ta. I have to catch up on that Churchill series that’s on at the moment too. Mate of mine reckons it’s pretty good…and instructive.


New season of black mirror was great.


Where can I stream The Wire?


I’m watching it on Foxtel Now.