TV show thread


Yep, foxtel now.


I tried watching The Wire…just couldn’t get into it!

For me, top 5

Breaking Bad
It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

Honorable Mentions;

Boardwalk Empire
IT Crowd


It took me about three episodes to get into it. It gets better and better, imo. Season 3 is incredible.


I watched about 7 or 8. I just didn’t get into it!


I got to halfway through Season 2 of the Wire…no problem, but something else came up, and I just haven’t got back into it.

I keep seeing people like Clarke Peters, Wendell Pierce, Lance Reddick and Frankie Faisal in other shows, usually those run by Simon or Overmeyer.


The first season is slowish, there’s not much doubt about that. However I’d get to the end of that first season though. It’s not like a regular series where there is a beginning, middle and end to an episode. It’s more like a good book where most of the pay off is in the last two episodes (chapters).


Thanks SMJ, I might give it another go.


Yep, definitely give it another go C_H. Your list is an excellent example of my tastes in TV of the past 5-10 years so trust me, get through season 1 and into season 2 and get back to us on how you’re feeling about The Wire.

Also, good to see another fan of Always Sunny. The most underrated comedy on TV now and for the past 12 seasons. How it hasn’t won any sort of award whilst other much MUCH lessor comedies continue to clean up (particularly in leading male actor) boggles my mind.





Half way through the new series Romper Stomper - so far really good - shows that locally made productions can be far more than “reality” TV faeces.

David Wenham plays Andrew Bolt!



Berlin Station.

Chance, As already stated.

And while watching Six, I was reminded of a show from a decade ago based on a soldiers true memoirs of the Iraq war, Generation Kill, so went and found it, and am watching a 2nd time.

Highly highly recomended if you can get it, it’s out there.

For those that want it & cant, PM and I can throw a link if you’ve got a Bit of a Client


Apologies if it’s been talked about but I couldn’t see anything.

Has anyone watched The Leftovers? Watched a couple of eps and it got me, problem is, my partner didn’t get into it, can someone let me know if it’s worth persisting with? Is there anything big in eps 3 - 4 which may get my partner into it?


@Paul_Peos is your man.


If it’s got you already, then it’s most certainly worth persisting with. It is a very slow burn, and the pacing of the first season (particularly the first half of it) is, at times, painfully slow. It does pick up the pace, but never by a considerable margin. It’s a slow show.

It does get mighty friggin weird and wacky though in the last two seasons, which I loved. (Not everybody did though)

As for your partner… I dunno, it seems to be a show that you’re really really into, or you’re really really not. If they can get to the second half of season 1, they might get sucked in.


Watching La casa de papel on Netflix, It’s great; in Spanish with subtitles but really well done. It’s about an elaborate robbery and has a few interesting twists.


Thanks man, I already like the weirdness so looks like I’ll enjoy the next couple of seasons…I also find it quite humorous at times with little chuckle moments.

Might force the missus to watch a few more and if it doesn’t click for her I’ll just binge watch it myself. Thanks again.


Anyone watching X files?


Have you ever seen Las Nueve Reinas (The Nine Queens) - the Argentinian version of The Sting?

Stars Argentina’s version of Bill Hunter - Ricardo Darín…although he’s been in a lot of Spanish films recently.


You watching Black Mirror?

I’m two episodes in, it’s pretty damn good, but are they all so tame?

Is there anything that farks with your head and stays with you forever, like ‘The entire history of you’ or ‘Shut Up and Dance?’


No but it sounds interesting.