TV show thread


Muslim’s like us?

This world…


End of the Fking World.

The Good place.


Search Party.



I don’t post here, but The End Of The ■■■■■■■ World is good.
Get on it.


I binge watched both of these.


Looks interesting.


Now THAT was a xfiles episode. Top notch. Easily the best of the new ones that they have done since they re-started the show


Did you see Gillian Anderson tweet? Yep they had sex twice. Reddit x files thread went off.


Nice. I thought she looked naked under the sheets when she woke up. Those two have such amazing chemistry together


I watched the first episode of the Xfiles latest season and felt very disappointed. It felt like the writing and acting hadn’t moved on from the 90’s. The only difference to me was everyone looked old and the screen was in 16:9 ratio. I also thought some of the situations were completely devoid of logic (a bit like the walking dead has become) and almost roll your eyes dumb. Nothing seems to evolved for today’s TV expectations.

I was a massive fan of the series and movie all those years back, but felt got through the last season simply on the adrenaline of having the xfiles back. Am I being harsh guys? Should I persist? efc1robbo has sorta sparked my interest but that first episode was for the tip.


Watch it!


The first episode I thought was good. The 2nd episode was one of the worst I have seen them do.

This episode reminded me of the standalone episodes of the 90s where they investigate a strange case. It was just really well done

I would highly recommend watching this episode( the 3rd ep of this series)

When they do their standalone monster/ strange case of the week type stories is where the xfiles is at its best, the mythology ones can be good, but it’s all become so muddled at this point


I’m Dying Up Here, on Stan.

Set in 1973 Los Angeles and revolving around struggling comedians at a comedy club. Halfway through the first series (just one released so far) and it shows a lot of promise.


Don’t watch the 2nd season - it has jumped the shark big time.

I gave up after the 1st episode


Yeah, binged the whole thing on Sunday arvo / evening.

The English do ‘quirky’ better than just about anyone I reckon.


I loved mindhunter



Really liked it and I thought the acting was great.

Very bingable


Finished Big Little Lies last night and have to say that was superb. Writing and acting were fantastic and our own Nicole Kidman should nab herself a golden globe after that performance.
Apparently a second season was commissioned by HBO. It’s the only time I’ve seen a great show and felt it does not warrant another season. It finished perfectly, why risk ruining that.


I really enjoyed it too.

Did not know it was a book prior to watching and it’s set in Sydney and no one in Oz wanted to make it, which is why it’s set in America.

I also watched Riviera, SBS On Demand, was very good.


she did


I feel this all the time!

The Affair
True Detective

All shows that absolutely peaked at season 1 and went downhill from there.

Hell, even the first season of The Sopranos is their best season (though they had many outstanding seasons afterwards).