TV show thread


If they didn’t continue the sopranos wouldn’t have my favourite scene in tv history.

Chrissy’s intervention.


All interventions should end with a beatdown


Oh, I thought that was a SAG award.

Well, I guess I was right.


Started 2 shows today…Billions with Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti, and Berlin Station with…well, nobody of any great fame.

Both looking OK.


Both good.

Billions actually gets better in Season 2.


How do I watch Billions?


Hmmm, … do you have a Torrent client? … ,and (now), … a VPN ?


I think they’re keeping the pirates at bay.


Kodi is Good but if you haven’t used something like that it may be a little complicated at first.

The alternative is torrents. Shouldn’t need a VPN for that.


I always use one, … an open source free one. And yes, … as I u/stand it,… you have to now, apparently, the blocking has begun.

Also, despite being down for a few days,… the P Bay is back up, … and there were heaps of proxies when it was out anyway AN.


I just use the unblocked sites to bypass the VPN.

I don’t have any problems with those sites


So your IP is exposed then?


I have been torrenting for ten years and never had a problem.


Likewise, … longer probably, … even had a couple of warning emails from one ISP at one point.

And it may or may not matter still now,… despite the real fear out there that it does.

But I don’t have to risk it, so I don’t, … for free. Best of luck.



I have Foxtel so don’t torrent the stuff they’re watching for, like GOT.


I think the national crackdown on torrenting is just for appearances personally. They know they could never stop it because they are always one step behind so little point in spending the money required to make a real difference.

That money is better spent on speed cameras.


It’s on Stan, if you’re into paying for things.


You could just imagine the Tax Payers being over the moon for having (more) millions of their own dollars put into stopping something that is free and benefits us all.


Watched a TV show on a QANTAS flight over the week-end called “Vice-Principals”; seriously different.

Anyone else watched it.


I quite enjoyed it. It’s more of the same from creator Danny McBride, a little tamer, if that’s possible than Eastbound & Down.

If you haven’t seen Eastbound & Down, get on it.