TV show thread


Mindhunter anyone? First ep only, but so far so good.


Go back a couple months


Did anyone else watch Dark?
I liked it!


I enjoyed Dark more than Stranger Things season 2.


Fantastic series. Hanging out for series 2.


Is another season planned? Hope so.


Yeah, I would agree with that!




Really enjoying Stan Grants new show, “Matter of Fact”

If it’s supposed to be a Lateline replacement, … it’ll more than do.


Got into the ‘Good Doctor’ enjoying it , but again weak writing towards the end of the season

It is limping to the line, especially all the social virtual crap.



this latest episode of the xfiles was phenomenal.

Just brilliant brilliant stuff


Altered Carbon. Get on it.


Inside No 9 now in its 4th season. Darkly funny and witty


What a strange ride im currently on.


Anyone watching Waco? 6 part mini series about David Koresh and the Branch Davaidians.


Not yet,… but soon.


Shuffling between Berlin Station and Billions. Done 7 or 8 eps of each.

I’m finding Berlin Station more satisfying.

Billions just strikes me as a crusade against someone who’s successful. I know Axe breaks the law on insider trading, but it just seems obsessive.


High Maintenance.


Season 2 of Billions is substantially better, but it’s not like the premise goes changing. If anything, more obsessive.