TV show thread


Just finished the marathon, what a journey.



Cannot get enough. Just amazing stuff.


American Crime story s2: versace.



Yes from me. When is it on?


First 3 episodes are out.


Caught a few eps of The Good Place, sitcom with Ted Danson.
It has its moments.
I couldn’t in good faith recommend it.


I can’t in good faith call it a sitcom because it has no laugh track.


The Office.
Kath and Kim.
Hmmmm…would you call HHGTTG a sitcom?
Anyhoo, a laugh track isn’t essential.


Danson is very funny playing this role, as is the Janet character.
It’s just giving me enough laughs to keep watching.


Holy mother-forking shirt-balls. You have no soul. Also, not mentioning Bell. Shame.


The best laugh of the whole show was from pausing and reading the points from all the good and bad acts.
I wish the rest of the show were that clever.


Binged altered carbon and really liked it. Probably not for everyone though


They ran out of ideas pretty quickly. Then it became tedious. Pretty standard trajectory for US sit coms.


Altered carbon was based on the book of the same name by richard k morgan. I haven’t seen the series but the book went into some pretty dark places, was a while ago i read it though


A few who have read the book said it is nearly identical


Watched the first episode, thought it was OK if not slightly boring in the first ep. Will give it some more time.


Really? It totally changed path season 2 and is still great IMO


Does anyone remember a show called The History Man, from a Malcolm Bradbury novel. Set in an English university in the early 70’s, the main player is a sociology lecturer called Howard Kirk, played by Anthony Sher with a fearsome Jewfro.

I just bought the DVD from o/s recently (less than $20). I think this was where I consolidated my views against left-wing fundamentalism. Howard Kirk is an absolute shocker, and I for one am glad I didn’t do a university degree where your essays would be failed if your views disagreed with those of the marker.

But the likes of E12 would regard me as an out-and-out Communist. I despise the outer three-quarters of both wings. The only place is the centre or nearby where you can be fair to everybody.


Altered carbon. Binged it. Liked it.


Just finished the two seasons of Good Behaviour. Good series but the finale to season 2 was a little flat. Hoping news of a 3rd season renewal comes soon.