TV show thread


Westworld back April 22. Trailer already out


■■■■■ Eye (the website is triggered)

Seriously a good series, pick up some fashion tips aswell


I’ll give The Good Place a thumbs up too.


eat ■■■■ wimm


Just finished altered carbon.

It was pretty good, although underneath the huge budget, high concept, special effects, insane fight sequences, astounding amount of nudity (officer Ortega… Damn, what a body) and sex… Was a rather pedestrian and run-of-the-mill mystery.

I’m glad they are making stuff like this though.


Altered carbon > bladerunner


Rumours of a Seinfeld reboot.

One of the best sitcoms of all time. Prefer they left it alone.


I’d have thought Michael Richards’s career was all but over after giving it to those two African-American chappies.

And J-L Dreyfus has better things to do.


Yep, don’t know the logistics of it. Hope they don’t go there.


I’d say he’d be welcomed back. He did Jerry’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and the curb episodes with larry david which suggests Jerry and Larry are happy to work with him. If Jerry wants to do something, a network would let him. I reckon if he came to them with a show based on live human sacrifice, they’d let Jerry do it.

As for Julia, she’s brilliant on her own show Veep. I’d bet if Jerry asked, she’d do it without a seconds thought.

Having said all that. I hope the rumours aren’t true. The original was timeless, and the Curb your enthusiasm tie in was an excellent final taste of the gang.


Watching the people v oj. Very entertaining and great performances everywhere. Travolta is hysterical


Schwimmer was awesome too.


Uncle juice! Rofl


WACO delivered their best epsiode yet


Shameless anyone?

Love it but William H Macy’s character is going from being lovably broken to just one dimensionally evil and unlikable. I’m mid way through Season 3.


Indeed the reunion you have when you’re not having a reunion , That was genius by David


Saying that, I love David and curb, but some of the episodes fell very flat this season. He seems to be a parody of himself, playing himself. I think it was better when it felt more like this is really him. Now I think there is almost too much effort in playing himself. Completely lost the dynamic of him and Cheryl was a bad move too


…the ■■■■ is your problem?


Haven’t been in this thread for awhile. Probably for the best if the takes are this bad.

TF, worst Netflix show I’ve started in awhile. Binned after two episodes. There’s a good show trapped inside horrible acting and typically sleep-worthy Netflix pacing. No thank you.

Mindhunter seems good after three eps.


Blade runner is up there with revenant. Visually appealing but as boring as watching paint dry. About 1 hour too long.