TV show thread



Fantastic. Get on it.

That is all.

Especially @Heffsgirl You will fkn love this one.


SBS? Is this the one based on Three Days of the Condor?


Only Stan atm, … or “elsewheres”

And yes.


I’ve lost all my elsewheres, and only have Amazon and Foxtel.


Detectorists on Netflix is a very unassuming but enjoyable watch about two daggy metal detector(ists)


I got Netflix and Stan and hardly watch either of them, I seem to watch Stan more of the 2


Enjoyed it quite a bit, well worth tracking down.


Spoiler alert;
Season 2 was a bit of a let down.


I’m late in series 2 of Spooks. Didn’t have access to my iTunes library while I was waiting for my new iMac, so might get back to it tonight.

Heard a guy talking to Myf the other day getting excited about Series 3 of Endeavour and hoping they do Series 4. If we hadn’t been on 90-minute delay (because we get the country hour at noon and then The World Today), i’d have rung up and told him we’re now waiting for Series 6. Not a bad series at all, it’s a prequel to Inspector Morse when he was a young cop in Oxford in the 60s.


Just watched Who is America…
I laughed!!
I can’t believe some of them didn’t realise…


Didn’t find it funny at all but yeah, still amazing what he can get them to do. I felt like most of the interviewees were just rolling with it, clearly aware of the ridiculous prosthetics and questions. Doesn’t change the fact that you’ll have US sitting politicians laughing at rape jokes and promoting guns for toddlers. Ultimately, just not funny and kind of revolting. So a mirror on the state of affairs.


I’m not sure the gun people knew anything…
I laughed but you’re right, it’s not funny


Sharp Objects is a newy mrs TB and I are hooked on. Second ep in and so far pretty good. Some might not see it but I get a strange Se7en feel about it.


I’m watching it…only because of Amy Adams.

Patricia Clarkson is annoying me again…after The Bookshop, on recently.


Did anyone else finish The Terror?

Overall I enjoyed it but it was quite haunting.


Finished Westworld.

I thought it was okay? I kinda avoided any commentary on it as the season was happening, but I think waiting until you can binge a whole season and ignoring the internet’s take increases the odds of actually enjoying something.

It was good, not great. But not bad. They setup questions and give reasonable answers. I don’t mind it.


Yeah, loved it. Watch that and Taboo back to back for some well made, haunting period/supernatural stuff. Also good is the adaptation of the Edward St Aubyn trilogy “Patrick Melrose”. Cumberbatch passion project.


Yep, another good one deserving of encouragement for not dumbing down. It would be nice if the Internet didn’t become the place of arbitration by nuffs and bloggers that it has, but everyone has something important to say didn’t ya know? Think it adversely affects show writers, even if only subconsciously.



Well I hope he runs into some gnarly aliens because that looks like utter tosh otherwise. I wonder who plays the president? I’m thinking Cuba G