TV show thread


Gave up on Patrick Melrose halfway through episode 1. I’m totally unsympathetic to druggies, and also self-indulgent tossers like Melrose.


That’s a heck of an open mind Alan. It’s a bit like not reading Oscar Wilde because he was an awful ■■■■ who liked snuff. The story goes deeper if you bother to stick with it. I thought much the same reading the books at first but it’s a pretty interesting tale even if it does concern the lifestyles of the rich and degenerate. Many spokes make the wheel etc.


Only so much time, and I can’t be bothered wasting it on druggies.

I thought Wilde was born a shirt-lifter. Not as if he had that much choice about it.

Anyhow, no-one has ever called me closed-minded on some subjects before…and been wrong.


Yes, that’s right. Sometimes people are weak and fall down, sometimes there are big, dirty, dark reasons. The St Aubyn/Melrose story, without giving away too much, is something like that. There’s some fine actors in it at the very least, I reckon some here would get something from it. Actually quite funny too. Think I’ll save the debates for the politix threadz tho, last from me on this one.


This weeks This is America was good.


Bit slow on the uptake but have just knocked over Season 1 of The Man in the High Castle. Thought it was excellent and now can’t wait to get started on season 2.


Just begun watching it myself, enjoying it. Has a interesting Handmaid Tale feel to it two episodes in.

Also enjoying Red Oaks, comedy set in the 80’s.


Is that the North West Passage thing up in the snow etc? I really want to watch it, how were you able to view it. I’ve only got access to the normal platforms, Netflix, Amazon Prime (?) etc
Would love to know, thanks.


Happy! on Netflix. Get on it.

Make sure the kiddies aren’t around when you watch. Might be a little inappropriate for them.


Whats the name of that show with the Hitman dude that joins the acting classes in LA again?

Also, … finished the 2nd season of GLOW last night. Good show, … Maron is hilarious, … but I’ve always been a fan of his.


I watched it on Amazon Prime video.

Yeah, it’s about the Lost Franklin expedition looking for the north west passage. Great viewing.


Barry. Didn’t know 2nd season of Glow was out. Good show


One of my kids gave me the heads up that HBO have greenlit a Deadwood movie!!! About farken time.


Who is America?

It’s on Stan



Been very little fanfare about it.

I’m 6 (ish) episodes in. It’s as good as season 1.

Agree on Maron.


How there could be little fanfare about Alison Brie in a leotard is beyond me


Had high hopes for Sharp Objects.
For me it has seemed to drag and way too many flashback scenes doing my head in.
You never know the show might finish on a high and I may walk away with a different view on it but for now it’s a thumbs down from me.


I gave up last week.

Started on Marcella with Anna Friel, and Killing Eve with Sandra Oh the other day.

Finished Series 2 of Spooks the other day. Only 8 series to go.


Episode 8!

Actually, from the closing seconds of episode 6 to the end of the season was gold. They know how to do a cliffhanger complete with audio sting.


Whoever it was that mentioned “The Terror” … thankyou, … owe you a beer.

Loving it.