TV show thread


It’s a ripper. The other one you might like if you haven’t seen it already is Taboo with Tom Hardy. Similar period, similar quality production.


Taboo is excellent.


Good to hear.

Finished The Terror last night. Gonna have a crack at Taboo next.


I know it’s daggy, and predictable, but I really enjoyed All Aussie Adventures last night…


I always felt that Tommy G did that character better as Wallaby Jack on the Late Show.


I think that series was pre Troy Dann’s Outback Adventures wasn’t it? I think that series was primarily the inspiration for AAA


The series was a spoof of Troy Dann, but Tommy G had already established the character, and he re-used most of the Wallaby Jack jokes in AAA


Yeah I do remember that.

Its so dumb, but I defy anyone to watch that episode last night and not get a couple of good laughs.


Been watching Killing Eve.

Really easy and enjoyable!


It was on in the background at my brother’s place. I saw a couple of things that made me giggle. My nephew was p*ssing himself laughing all the way through.


The football, his groin, it works on so many levels


Nice backhander.


Ha, it wasn’t meant to be, but in hindsight it sure reads that way.


I saw it as more of a fronthander


I’ve just been watching week by week on ABC. I know it’s available on one of the FTA streaming channels. Only up to ep 2.

Villanelle (the assassin) is pretty good, played by Jodie Comer.


When he “accidentally” bumped that VW combi down the hill and it kept rolling for miles and he said “you’re going that way anyway aren’t you” or something, it killed me.
You’re right, it bugs me that I laugh at it. But I always do.


I think my favourite line from past series is “this is Friar’s Hut, named after the man who built it, Fred Hut”.


The bit with the Aboriginal guy using Google and the platypus bit were the parts that got me.

It is amazing that the same guys who write Utopia also write this. Just goea to show that whether highbrow or lowbrow - funny is funny.


Can’t wait!


AAA was mostly awful. Not sure how whether that’s rosy memories or an actual drop in quality. New (?) theme sucked.

Bizarre bit was the handshake shots — the joke in the original series was that the arms never matched up. If this was meant to be a swerve, it wasn’t very funny. If it wasn’t… WTF?!?