TV show thread



iView has the whole series for binging AN


But I’m binging Spooks. Happy enough to watch each episode as it comes out.


You wash your mouth out son

And I reckon the handshake thing is a set up for later episodes, I have no doubt. There was a mismatched one before the end of the ep.


I still can’t believe you of all people watch spooks because I like it too. So that’s two things in common now - you like the savoury shapes best as well lol.


I always like Matthew McFadyen and Keeley Hawes, and cannot believe i missed it when it was on.

But I found out the lead guy in a great recent show, Berlin Station, was in the later series of Spooks.


Be afraid, … be very afraid. :smirk:


Is this view because you were not happy with the amount of boomerangs? (Ie - zero?)


What are people smoking when they say Mr Robot is good? Dropped that after three episodes. Hot trash.


This is another Coriander moment, … isn’t it? :thinking:



Get him - @dingus @Jezz @Paul_Peos @ivan


It’s SO lame.

“Evil Corp”?

Christian freaking Slater?

Blonde girl and her boyfriend have high ranking jobs at a cyber security company but are complete and utter bone head dummies? How did they get those jobs if they’re flat out incompetent?!

And then this show has the nerve to make a meta joke about how hacker culture isn’t accurately represented in media.



The problem is clearly you.

Your credibility is now at 2016 off-season Jayden Laverde levels.


You need to keep going past 3 episodes. It gets better and more mind twisting.


The problem is that it doesn’t have enough D grade superheroes / Hutchy in it


The core characters are unlikeable and find themselves in situations that make no sense for those particular characters.

I’m almost intrigued to know how they write themselves out of that.


I’m sure you’ve read that a big part of the show, is it’s “about reality”.

The jarring bits your referring to are deliberately so. Their the Easter eggs and headfarks for later on.

I loved the main character though. So if you don’t like him, it would be a chore.


I’m starting to question Riolio’s suitability to run this forum.


I’m a Mr Robot fan. I nearly gave up on it during Season 2 but am glad I held on because Season 3 was brilliant. Some great characters (Whiterose) and great twists. But the best thing about the show is it’s depiction of mental illness.


Second best thing, behind Wellicks hot wife