TV show thread


I’m starting to feel more sure of it.


Riolio’s core character is unlikeable and he finds himself in situations that make no sense for those posters around him.

I’m almost intrigued to know how those posters write themselves out of being WRONG.


Evil corp was certainly using initially because it immediately made it feel hammy but once you get into the swing of just trying to work out wtf is going on it awesome.

Elliott grated a little too intially but I really warmed to him by the end of season one.

stick with it rolo


You’re an Apple fanboi though. This show is literally written about you.


Thanks for the heads up. KIKL TGE DISSENTERS


The filming is exceptional. The structure is poetic. The characters are iffy but familiar to the creator. Everything has a meaning a purpose it’s interesting and intense.


See if you can get captions, I found it hard to understand exactly what was said at times, Tom Hardy mumbles a lot.
I found captions helped on The Terror too, must be something to do with these gothic English shows, they both had a similar look


Taboo is set in the Regency period, the same time as the Jane Austen novels. Talk about worlds apart.


August 19th :smiley:


Taboo = 1814
The Terror = 1846

Wouldn’t call 32 years world’s apart, not unless you were some sort of pretentious pedant.

I called it gothic not as a period, but more the look, the feel, the vibe of both series, they could both have been filmed in B&W.


:thinking: Hmmm …


I read it as he was referring to the Jane Austen novels and Taboo, not the Terror.


You may enjoy the original version of Humans - Real Humans - Swedish one.


My bad, on re-reading I can see how it should be interpreted that way.

Noonan still likes to pull people up on what I consider trivial matters like whether it’s the Regency, Edwardian, Victorian or farking Gothic period, & I for one couldn’t give a stuff.


It is important. Why is it important, I hear you ask?


Yeah…well, not having seen The Terror, and not intending to, I was comparing Taboo with Jane Austen.


11/13ths of the way through The Staircase - a US true-crime/Court drama on Netflix. Not bad at all. Thorough. Think it’s French-made which puts a slightly different spin on it.

Started on an Indian crime- cop series called Sacred Games also on Netflix but found the English voice-overs extremely jarring and so will start it again but opt for Hindi language with English sub-titles. Looks excellent otherwise.


The missus and I finally got around to binging our way through both seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale. Talk about tough to watch but unable to look away. The finale of season 2 left me pulling my hair out. I was hoping Aunt Lydia’s final scene would involve the cattle prod, but maybe that will be next season…


Also, each of those period’s represents an important time in AN10’s life. For instance, he got his first handjob during the Edwardian period.


Wrong…Regency period. I was a late developer and missed out while George III still had his marbles.