TV show thread


For fans of panel shows, 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown is now on SBS Viceland (and on demand)

The premise - Letters & Numbers with comedians as contestants. Stupidly hilarious.

-edit- it’s also interspersed with skits like this. If you don’t think this is funny then I don’t care about your opinion anyway


Bailed on that after 2-3 eps of season 2. Felt like it was going backwards instead of going no where.


It picks up again for the second half of the season, although I don’t know how much further they can take the story past one more season. Any more than that and it would be too frustrating (plus they would need to start repeating some of the themes). The end of season 2 has a few different things coming to a head for a few of the characters, so I hope they don’t try to drag it out.


Season 2 was a chore. So repetitive.


A good afternoon can be spent just scouring YouTube for best of from 8 out of 10 Cats. Hilarious, and such a great perversion of a great quiz show in the first place.


best sean lock was when he called the kids production on big fat quiz of the year terrible.


That is burned into my memory forever

“Nothing worse than kids trying to fking act”


Really enjoyed Lodge 49, and SMILF.

Quriky, fresh, very funny moments in both, … and interesting.


Also, . CONDOR wound itself up a bit fast,… but was also good, and left off with an intriguing set up to go into a new season.

Like a cross between Bourne flix and Homeland.


ABC axing Tonightly is absolutely criminal.

They shove it on the digital channel, and complain it doesn’t get viewers? Fark off.

It was gutsy, and clever, and original, and made by young people. And now the ABC have axed it, presumably so they can give those up and coming comedians Working Dog or The Chaser another show.

Fark off


Only problem was, … it wasn’t funny.

It was trying to be, … right??


It was extremely funny. I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was.


I never found it so, … and JFTR, … it was on the main ABC channel late, … and for a long time.

It had it’s chance, … it didn’t work.

Ballard is not Colbert or John Stewart, … who he seemed to be desperately trying to channel.


They threw it on the main channel one night a week, late (on repeat!) Hardly a good run.

If you didn’t find it funny I get that. It’s not really aimed at you though, it’s humour that is aimed at a younger audience (younger than me even.)

The ABC also needs to think strategically. It needs to attract young viewers to stay relevant, and if they don’t, they’ll find themselves defunded once all The Bill watching Boomers start to drop off the perch.


Pretty sure it was on every night late for a Month or two earlier.



Never heard of it tbh


Watched the first episode of Season 4 of Better Call Saul last night. Has left me wanting answers to so many questions.




Just d/loaded Ep 3, … it’s lost nothing this series. Just getting better.


I just found it tried too hard


I like Tonightly. I shouldn’t have to watch Last Week Tonight to see pieces on Anning and Katter!