TV show thread


Strong disagree here. It was absolutely terrible. There’s not enough going on in this country to warrant hour-long evening news, let alone a daily comedy show. 90% of it was phone in because… well, they had to. The cast that isn’t Ballard absolutely deserve a vehicle, but this wasn’t it.


Watched Taboo last night. Great show. I hope it gets picked up.
Also watched the Aus version of Drunk History the other night. Same deal.

Following the Pilot Week theme, I’ll watch Kinne but I don’t have high hopes for it. I think he’s near-on perfected the use of Facebook as a skit platform, but I don’t think it will carry over well to TV.


i really liked taboo as well, but wondered how many episodes you could do it for. i loved the sincere and empathetic side the comedian showed in the in-depth segments. the comedic bits, meh, but it was a great way to break the tension in short bursts. i actually voted for it. loser!


It was pretty good.

Although, with Ned Kelly and Phar Lap already done in episode 1, they’re gonna run out of obvious Aussie history pretty quick.


The premise of the US and UK versions is telling the lesser known stories because it allows for greater embellishment. There’d have to be hundreds here you could use.


I actually don’t love Ballard. But I reckon the support cast (four comics I had never heard of) were excellent. The ABC should be supporting young comics in my view.


They do.

ABC2 (Comedy) has a lot of shows over the years with Oz Comics in them.

But most of it is online these days on iView, … coz datz where da kidz iz at now.

Ronny Cheing was on Colbert the other night, pumping up his Daily show work, another comedy show coming, and the Launch of “International Student” on to Netflix(?), … which was the ABC funded show that gave him his big break.

Rosehaven with Celia Pacquola & Luke McGregor is great, Raw Comedy, … …there are too many for me TBF writing here, … seriously.

They do a great job giving Aussies a go, … including Greenlighting this crock of half backed crap, and giving it far longer than it deserved to prove itself and improve.

It couldn’t raise an audience, … because it wasn’t very good, … and it got the fkn bullet. What more do you want?


For them to put it in the main channel, at a decent time (say 9:30 or 10), for a year, and see how it goes.


rob beckett’s recounting on a king henry marriage is the best out of any versions of that show.


Day off. Feeling like ar$e. Bed. Snack Chocolate. Red fizzy. Tomato sauce chips.
New series of Better call Saul.


I had no idea there was an Australian version of Drunk History. What channel and when?


Channel 10 Pilot Week thingo. Up on Tenplay at the moment. Had Stephen Curry doing Ned Kelly and Rhys Darby doing Phar Lap.


I’m just watching Spooks (series 4 episode 3) screened in 2005, which seems remarkably prescient regarding the rise of the Brexiteers, Trumpites and Duttonites, who preach total xenophobia.


Have you considered that your diet might be why you’re sick?!



There’s a link with ingrown toenails?


Just finished watching Season 3 of The Expanse. Another great season, really love the show. Second half of the season felt rushed, probably coz they wanted to wrap up the third book before the show got cancelled by SyFy. Luckily Amazon have picked it up for Season 4, can’t wait!


A Very English Scandal, about Jeremy Thorpe and his scandal with Norman Scott, starts next Tuesday on Foxtel.

Thorpe, played by Hugh Grant, was the leader of the English “third party”, the Liberals, in the 70s. Married to Patricia Hodge (Miss Trant from Rumpole), she was just a beard and he was having affairs with men, one of whom was Norman Scott (Ben Whishaw, the latest Q in Bond), who tried to blackmail him, so Thorpe wanted him killed, and a trial ensued.

First time I’d ever heard the term pillow-biter as Scott said he just bit into the pillow and cried during sex.

Also, why was Jeremy Thorpe like William the Conqueror?
A…they were both ■■■■■■■ Normans.


Enjoyed the first season, not so much the second.


What’s the best recent comedy at the moment?

Past few weeks I’ve binge watched Superstore, A P Bio and Angie Tribecca.