TV show thread


Have you seen Happy? I watched this on Qantas and got hooked. Awesome


Is that with the lil character?


Has anyone watched Man in the High Castle? Worth it? I like the premise


tried to ages ago and didn’t get hooked at all. only lasted half an episode.


Unfortunately the premise is the best bit.

It’s ok, good themes but acting and characters are flimsy.

Only watched first season it may have gotten better.


Yup and Stabler from SVU. Awesome, it’s brutal.


Gearing up to watch the very last episode The Leftovers tonight, really have loved this series and some great acting especially from Justin Theroux.


You’ve lived a sheltered life, Noonan…


I was about 20 at the time. This was way back in the 70s, when you were in primary school.


Completely agree the premise is amazing but rest not so good. Also the tape thing is yet to make any real sense despite having watched two seasons. The second season introduces a different space where some where normality is restored, ie Yanks won.


I quite like this show, worth watching IMO. I enjoyed it more than Westworld. It definitely gets better in the second season.


Let us know what you think about the ending.


I had chucked the Leftovers in, thinking it was another Lost thing that would never end & string you along like a fool forever.

Hearing they wound it up after 3 seasons, I re engaged and are now nearing the end of Season 1.


Season 2 is close to my all-time favourite season of television.


For those who want to see a great acting talent showcase, checkout Feud: Bette and Joan. Really enjoyable miniseries to watch.


I’ll have to check out Leftovers then.

Speaking of great shows, I highly recommend Halt and Catch Fire. That series is a little gem that goes from strength to strength.

You have to persist through it, Season 1 is a bit ordinary but gets better after that and Season 3 and 4 are where it really shines. Season 4 is one of my all time favorite seasons.


Agreed on both Feud and Halt, very good tv


Think I need more time to get my head around it all! After watching it I’m pretty much replaying the whole series over in my head trying to figure it all out… but really loved the whole show, you’re right, series 2 is right up there with the best


Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 13 trailer has dropped.


Life In Pieces