TV show thread


How’s the body transformation of Mac from a few seasons ago.


It’s De Niro like. Gone from around 15% body fat, to near 30 back down to what looks like 12%???

All for what? comedy!

As mental as the show.




Just got the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series. Anyone seen it yet?
Also got Its always sunny and Mayan first eps so I got something to keep me occupied for a while.


Yep, watched the first 4 episodes of it,. Not bad, but Condor is a better watch for mine. Never rolled my eyes once at an obvious plot device, or magical main character escape through that, but have done so a few times already with JR. Still enjoying it though.


One to keep your eyes out for @Alan_Noonan_10 and any other Line of Duty fans out there - the creator, Jed Mercurio’s new show Bodyguard has recently premiered in the UK and has apparently become the most watched new drama there in over a decade. The new show features LoD alum Keeley Hawes and Game of Thrones’s Richard Madden as the leads.

No Australian premiere date is know as yet (or for that matter who has the rights to it).


I missed Spooks 10 years ago and halfway through. Plenty of familiar faces in that including Keeley Hawes and Matthew McFadyen, where they hooked up IRL. Nicola Walker was a perennial, now in Unforgotten and Split, also River.


very very good tv


Let me know whether the later seasons are worth watching. I think I stopped watching around season 5 or 6.

Btw, if you’re still relying on SBS for Bosch, Season 4 will be available via On Demand from September 26th. It will presumably have a FTA airing at some stage, but it’ll possibly be in a late night time slot and burned through in double episodes.


Wound up the 1st season last night, … and I’ve got to say, it near lost me completely at Ep 9, … but the finale helped it redeem itself.


S5 ep 6 at the moment. Still worthwhile. Waiting for the Armitage bloke who’s the main star of Berlin Station.

I caught Bosch when it came out. My sister will be keen to know about the SBS stuff. I have a subscription to Amazon video but the bludgers have embargoed it.

New series of Bosch (Series 5) is based on the latest book, Two Kinds of Truth. Deals with doctor shopping and opioid addictions. Not due till next year.


Really enjoyed Jack Ryan. Well made, well written, well acted. Looking forward to season 2. If you can get hold of it, worth watching.


Also the trailer for “Jim Ryan” mashup with The Office is great.


Season 2 of Ozark was pretty damn solid.


At least it didn’t continue from Season 1, with what I thought was the world’s worst idea of how to distribute heroin.

Imagine thinking to sell it in boats in hollowed out bibles on a lake during a Sunday service was a great idea? No risk ever of getting caught with that foolproof idea.


Finished the first (and currently only) season of French drama Transfer (Transferts). It is set in a dystopian world where consciousness can be transferred to another body, sometimes without consent. A man is on holiday with his wife and children when he basically drowns and wakes up 5 years later, now inhabiting the body of a police officer tasked with ferreting out and hunting down “transfers” - people who switched bodies, a practice which at some point in the past has been legal, but is now illegal.

On the whole the show is solid without being top echelon, its more about world building than it is necessarily twists and turns - they exist, but most are signposted.

Transfer is currently streaming on SBS on Demand.


If you want French dystopian, stick to Nu. Started last Friday on Viceland. In On Demand.


Bad Banks? A German eight-parter about a Frankfurt investment bank.

It’s interesting seeing how they swap from German to English, even multiple times in a sentence.

On SBS On Demand.

The fraulein in the lead is only 23, surely too young to be in a real-life role at the bank. Hübsche Dame aber.



Might get flamed for this, but I am genuinely ■■■■■■ that 800 Words is getting canned. Another good Aussie show is being discontinued even though it’s pulling good ratings. No doubt to replace it with American garbage or another reality pissant show.

800 Words

Just to name a few.