TV show thread


Terranova was awful


I liked it. Brought some sci-fi back


FYI for the sis: the latest season of Bosch hits FTA next Wednesday @ 10.30pm. Bit of an odd timeslot given where they’ve screened it previously and Deep State only having a few episodes to run, but it may get bumped up to 9.30 once DS has finished.

Bodyguard has been picked up by Netflix here - evidently via a co-financing arrangement.

I’m not remotely surprised you jumped on Nu.


Saw that in the Green Guide…I saw it months ago anyway.
Just finished Bad Banks on SBSOnDemand yesterday. Not bad, but about investment banks, not “real” banks which do mortgages, deposits etc.


Just finished tonight, rock solid


And just started roughly my 9th run through Toast of London. Prep for a new season coming some time soon and possibly another Matt Berry vehicle “Year of the Rabbit”

With each passing year I find myself wanting more to live in Matt Berry’s universe.


This universe?


Enjoyed it, but can’t shake the feeling

That it is breaking bad 2.0


He was ■■■■■■■ Rays wife after all.



ATypical (Netflix) about a teenager with autism


SBS On Demand sent an email with their latest offerings.

I thought I’d give Küdamm 56 und 59 a go. Küdamm is Küfurstendamm, the big shopping street in the old West Berlin, starting up near the zoo and the bombed out Kaiser Wilhelm church, and heading west towards Charlottenburg.

Said to be Germany’s answer to Mad Men covering the early days of rock’n’roll in Germany. Started the first episode last night, and already there’s a big #MeToo moment where a wedding guest rapes the sister of the bride. I’ll see where it goes. Interested to see how much it covers of the early days of the 4 sectors before the Wall goes up.


Anyone watched Patrick Melrose?

I just watched the first 2 episodes. Very very good. The performances so far are fantastic, hope the rest of the episodes are just as good.


I’m watching Au service de la France aka A Very Secret Service. It’s a kooky spy show set in 60s France. It’s hilariously bent and the frenchies sure take the p1ss out of themselves and everyone else. On Netflix. I reckon @Alan_Noonan_10 might enjoy this one.


Tonightly was awesome.
It’s exactly what I want to watch late in the evening.
It was fun. Not smarmy or po-faced like Pickering.
I liked that they gave pretty much unknown stand-ups a platform, and Ballard’s interviews were great.
And obviously so were the skits. People loved them whenever they were posted on blitz.

I hope they bring it back when the ABC sorts itself out.


Je n’ai pas Netflix.


I recently watched the entire first season (8 episodes) of True Detective in one sitting on a flight from Tokyo to Melbourne.

Seem to have missed this show when it first came out. Cracking first season, with excellent chemistry between McConaughey & Harrelson. I notice the cast has changed for season 2, so am wondering whether or not to bother with it.


The first season was must watch TV. One of the best shows this decade imo.

The second season is just good tv. It’s worth watching but isn’t as good as the first. Still great acting.


Ah, cheers, dude.


Forgot to say completely different story, if you hadn’t figured that out.