TV show thread


Insatiable (Netflix)
Get around it.

Don’t judge me…


Yeah, I sorta guessed that, after the ending to S1.

BTW, when I was watching S1, I couldn’t help but remember episodes 5-6 of the Sword & Scale podcast - based on the Franklin Scandal/ Cover Up story. Some parallels there.


Hear hear my friend. As I’ve said earlier in the thread - if they put it on at 10:30 very weeknight on the main channel it would have found an audience.

There were bits that bombed, and were in poor taste, but wasn’t that also the case with the Late Show or early Chaser or Micallef? Taking risks is what good comedy is about, and you have to give such shows time for them to find a rhythm.

I don’t even like Ballard that much, but I thought the supporting cast was outstanding. Bridie Connell is a star, Greg Larsen is fantastic and Nina Oyama could be absolutely anything if given the opportunity.


Nah, I’m a fan.
I loved the way when a line bombed he’d either say stuff like…yeah, that was crap, or…well get ■■■■■■ then.

I think it’s worth considering who his peers are.
Pickering and Rove.
I know who I’d rather watch.

Edit: Micallef is obviously quality.


The second season would have made a brilliant stand alone film edited down. As a second season of TD, it fails to live up to the first by a long margin, that said, he first is a lot to aspire to. It wasn’t bad, in fact I really enjoyed it. Just don’t expect the same feel as the first season.


I liked it.


Agreed. Loved the first season, but gave up halfway through the second season.


Money Heist - Netflix.

Got the hot tip to watch this from the Europeans whilst there recently so thought I’d check out this show which covers a bank heist in Spain.

Just finished both series, well worth a watch if youre wanting something different.


It’s a ripper. Great acting. Was called La Casa De Papel when I originally watched it.


anyone watching american vandal?


Tick F*cking Tock - The story Of The DAAS on ABC tonight, … anyone?

Wow, . what a joyous journey down memory lane, punctuated by some incredibly raw & emotional moments this is.

Part 2 next week, … Part 1 up on iview soon I’d expect.


I liked season 1. Haven’t got to Turd Burglar yet.


Just finished The Americans.

I think @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS recommended it to me. Outstanding series. If you haven’t watched it do yourself a favor and get to it.


I tapped out early season 3, but I have always meant to go back and finish it one day.

So it finishes strong?


Yeah, … it just got better every season for mine.

Ending was not spectacular.but satisfying.


The Americans was fantastic throughout. Never tapered off or got stupid like some shows that end up out staying their welcome.


Tense and plausible ending.


Where is The Americans available to watch? Loved season one when they showed it in Ten but then it disappeared


Pretty sure it’s still just Foxtel.


I have some series on dvd and the rest I bought through itunes/applle tv.