TV show thread


Mr Inbetween is very very good. pity it is only 6 episodes of 30mins


Finished both 12 monkeys and nikita recently.

both series criminally underated


Anyone ever copped a show called Mr Mercedes.

Mate of mine recommended it. From a story by Stephen King and a few episodes written by Dennis Lehane.

Starts off with a masked dude running down people in a queue at a job fair. The main cop, played by Brendan Gleeson, has retired and two years later, is being taunted by the killer.


I like American Horror Story. New season started slow but after episode 3 its getting better.


No but I’ve read the trilogy; first book was great, the other two were just ok.


Watching series 2 atm. Something about this 2nd season that is off and I can’t for the life of me work out what. Think the first was dark and gritty while this one has lost that aspect maybe.


Lost interest after the season about the coven of witches and never got back into it. Still on fta?


I got up to season 4 then forgot about it for two years. Just finished season 5 and really enjoyed it. Increasingly a personal, family drama but an interesting one. Probably lacks a bit of wow factor but it is well made


I just bought season 5 and 6 on Google Play for $40 or there abouts


I know it’s not popular here, but Foxtel Now has it on the Pop pack. $15 a month and you can binge it inside that time with a bit of commitment…


I was just typing that.

I wait until I have a few shows I wanna binge, then get it for a month or two, and then scrap it.


Finally started season 3 of Mr Robot.

Not sure why its taken me so long as i loved the first two. Hope its good there was little chatter on here or in the wider world over it.


It has its own thread.

You’re welcome to join the three of us in there.


Also if you sign up for any Telstra service these days (phone or internet) you usually get given a free foxtel now pack for 12 months.


Yeah I was in there for season 1 and 2. Maybe I just deliberately didn’t read it when season 3 came out for spoilers. I’ll check it out once I’ve watched it.


Season 3 is damn good.


Thats what i want to hear.

Only watched episode 1 so far. Struggled to get into it as it starts right where season 2 ended. I don’t remember all the intricacies, as its been 2 years.


Interestingly it’s been announced the last few weeks that Season 4 is going to be the end of it. I think it was supposed to last 5 seasons. S4 to drop in 2019.


Oh, i thought it was 3 and done.

Isn’t the creator doing something else? Yep - Homecomming is coming out in November.


Oh, I hadn’t heard that. Damn.

Its appalling ratings we’re gonna be an issue at some stage.

Gonna be a fair effort to wrap it all up in one more season though.