TV show thread


It’ll be a 12 episode season (rather than the planned 2 x 8 ep seasons).


Be interesting to see how Rami Malik pulls off the Freddie Mercury role.


But is he a poor boy, from a poor family?


Season 2 was the slowest but it all comes together. i enjoyed the last 2 seasons the most.

The writing is very good and its a show you need to pay attention while your watching.


Nearly finished Series 1 of Mr Mercedes.

Age has taken its toll on Kelly Lynch but not on Mary Louise Parker.


Walking Dead. Cmon Rick. Hurry up and die so we can end this.


Money Heist / La casa de papel - on Netflix.

Entire show centers around one heist. Thought it was a little OTT at first but am now five episodes into the first season and am completely hooked. Fantastic show - surprised I haven’t heard more about it.

Just make sure you watch it with subtitles and not with the dubbing by bored American voice actors.


So glad some one else is still watching :slightly_smiling_face:. Majority I know have given up on it.

(have recorded the 1st 2 episodes and hoping to get the time to watch them tonight)


Anyone else watching Mr Inbetween?


Oh I’m committed - I’m in for the entire series now.


Yep seen first season. Very very good.


Hubby watches it, reckons it’s good.

(Haven’t watched it yet, will get around to it though)


You should. It’s very good.


Loved The Magician, the movie with the same character, so will try to catch it. Is it only on Foxtel?


Yes, we are, it’s a hoot - Gav’s a fan


Not sure if anyone has mentioned The Sinner?
Two eps into S01 and intriguing


Saw a trailer for the new season of The Man In The High Castle.

Must admit, I haven’t seen it before and got sucked in and feels as if I must watch it.

Anyone here up to date with it and can provide some feedback?


Second season of making a murder is out. Currently binge watching.


Stuck on a show called Loudermilk atm.

Yep, … no typo there, … “Loudermilk”

Also, Sarah Silvermans (god I love this woman) “I luv you America” is as weird, irreverent and real as she is. Total Fruit Bat.


She is deadset funny…good successor to Joan Rivers.