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Man in the High Castle I enjoy quite a lot but it’s fairly slow and if you didn’t know the original story it might be a bit difficult to follow at times. I think it looks amazing and the acting is very fine. Strikes me as something that would cost more an episode than your average film. If you’re into alternate histories, divergent timelines, war, espionage, politics, bit of sedate rumpy pumpy and some visceral action/violence, it’s got the lot. And if you’re a Nazi fetishist, well…


I just finished binge-watching season 3 of Man in the High Castle over the weekend. Excellent series with some great acting and good story-lines.

Have also just finished the first season of Brockmire. I hadn’t heard of this until my brother passed the first two seasons to me. It’s similar to Eastbound and Down, except the main character is a baseball commentator who has a complete meltdown live on air during a game and ends up years later as the bitter, alcoholic commentator/announcer for a hopeless minor league team in a shithole country town that is on the verge of being destroyed by a coal-seam gas mining company. Brockmire (the commentator) is played by Hank Azaria with the minor league team’s owner being played by Amada Peet. Very funny and creative with some flashes of absolute hilarity throughout. The opening sequence of epsiode 1 is probably the best start to a new series that I have ever seen. Highly recommend.


I had heard about this. and had it on the mental list at one point.

Thanks for the reminder.


Is there any more of Brockmire? I’ve seen season 1.


Season 2 is out and season 3 is going ahead.


Watched season 1 over 3 nights earlier this month. Thought it was excellent. Can’t wait for the 2nd season to drop in the next month.


(Am really- loving it)


I have enjoyed the first 2 seasons of the Man in the Highcastle. My only issue is that I think the actual premise of the Nazis/Japanese winning the war is a better story then the one they are using to tell it. Although it’s important to the story line I think they could have chosen a better theme through which to tell the story.


I know what you mean. I suppose that conceit, the parallel worlds, might seem a little flimsy in adaptation but it’s pretty faithful to the Philip K ■■■■ story. As with anything involving world building, and done at a high level, you kind of want to explore more than what the narrative arc allows. It’s still very enjoyable and they’re doing a cracking job of trying to fit everything in without cheapening one thread or another.


It’s not a huge book though, small scale even. 3 seasons seems a lot. Are they off book now? Or have they really stretched it out?

  • Must be nearly 20 years since I read it, maybe it is bigger than I recall


Me too


No, and it’s been years since I read it too, but at least for the first two seasons they appear to have draped it across a framework pretty well. The opposite of what they might’ve done in a film, they’ve been able to flesh out smaller moments and probably follow them a little further and take some licence. Third season is heating up, it’s pretty great.


The show follows the general story of the book fairly well, but has changed several of the characters and concepts as required (for example in the book the alternate history is a book, in the TV shows it’s a series of film-reels). The show has moved beyond the book, but (Dick’s) daughter is involved in the direction of the show as well. It’s been a while since I watched the first season, but I would have liked to see a bit more detail about how the war unfolded, leading to the eventual defeat of the US. They allude to the Nazis nuking Washington DC, but not much more than that (a couple of references to battle sites), and nothing about the Japanese campaign (did they catch the US carriers at Pearl Harbour/ win the battle of Midway? Invade Hawaii?).

Phillip K. Dick) started writing a sequel a couple of times but was never able to finish it as it required him to do heaps of research into top Nazis like Reinhard Heydrich (mastermind of the holocaust and affectionately known to Hitler as “The Man with the Iron Heart”), which he found very disturbing.


My recollection of the book is that the Nazi victory is credited to advancements in plastics and rocket technology that get the better of the Allies. Basically the V2 program happens quicker and is a roaring success eventually leading to direct attacks on the US mainland.


It’s been ages since I read the book too, but in it the Nazis had already sent rockets to the moon and Mars and were miles ahead on the technology side.


In the show they have effective car phones and video conferencing (b&w), can’t recall if that was a feature of the book.


Anyone who is a fan of UK panel shows (I might be the only one here) should get a hold of Taskmaster.

Greg Davies (headmaster from Inbetweeners) and Alex Horne (general funny bloke) set a group of comedians a bunch of random tasks/games/activities. Bulk of the funny comes from the lateral thinking, the justifications for choices/methods and Davies’ completely arbitrary rulings. Example from season one

The same group competes over the whole series so the rapport builds each episode.

-edit- here’s a condensed episode you can watch in 15min


Series 1 of Mr Mercedes was quite good.

Got to episode 2 of Series 2…that’s it! I’m out! Out of the contest!

Gone straight to full Stephen King…not interested!


They’ve gone down the supernatural route then? The second book of the trilogy had no supernatural element till the very end.


Have watched the first two episodes of season 1 and I’m hooked already.

Love how different it is.