TV show thread


That looks great.

Can’t believe the tattoo!


Not supernatural, per se.




I just watched season 3 of Daredevil.
Oh my f*cking god.

I never binge watch shows. I couldn’t stop.

One of the best seasons of TV I’ve ever seen.
The character arcs, the plot twists, the fight scenes… absolutely sensational. I couldn’t look away.

Marvel Netflix has let itself down over the last 18 months, with the exception on The Punisher. This season of Daredevil is a completely new level.


Interesting. Id sort of written off the Netflix Marvel shows. Liked s1 Dd, thought 2 was just ok, ditto cage, haven’t watched the rest. Might need to give S3 a look


Finished the Americans, awesome, loved it. Wish there was more.


Finished part 2 of making a murderer. No spoilers other than wow…


you probably need to watch the Defenders, to be totally across the story line of season 3.


Only a decade late, I’m watching Breaking Bad.

It’s good, but it’s not living up to the hype.


How far into it are you?


I think I have to watch that final episode again tonight


End of series 2. Tuco has been my favourite character so far.


it just keeps getting better and better @Yossarian


It does close very strong, but yeah, it would be weird watching it now after so many years of mega hype.


Only show I can remember that gets better and better war upon year right up until the end. Stick with it


Season 3 onwards is where it really gets good.
When you reach the end, I’d like to know if you think Season 5 Ep14 Ozymandias is the best ever TV episode you’ve ever seen. It’s a perfect 10 to me.


Just don’t be put off by the Fly episode - that one really took the ■■■■


Oh don’t worry I’ll keep going, wife is hooked. Good to know it keeps getting better


Directed by Rain Johnston who went on to murder Star Wars and break millions of fans hearts.


Watched The Haunting of Hill House series on Netflix recently. Still unsure quite what to make if it. Started out ‘boo’ scary then evolved into an examination of a family experiencing existential crises. Still scratching my head…