TV show thread


Agree. Best episode of any series I have seen.


Anyone else notice the full 1st series of I’m Alan Partridge began screening again on ABC2 recently?

Haven’t seen it pop up for a while and thought it might be worth a mention, especially for young’ns who may have seen it mentioned, but never seen.

1st 3 eps are on iview still, … ep4 tonight.


Watched this 20 years ago and still love it to this day.

One of those comedies where you love it or hate it.


What? I can’t cast from the Android Amazon prime app. That’s bonkers


Bodyguard on Netflix. Keeley Hawes as the British home secretary and Richard Madden (Robb Stark from GoT) as the war veteran turned cop assigned to protect her. Despite the occasional cliché it’s a darn good show.


Once my exams ate over on Thursday i will have 3 months to enjoy Netflix and some of the shows you guys have rated.


Enjoying The Americans- thanks!
Also really loved The Durrells - British series set pre WW2 in Corfu based on the early life of Gerald Durrell’s family. Keely Hawes (Bodyguard)plays Louisa Durrell.


Haven’t watched the simpsons for years, but I read that they are writing out the character Apu becuase of some controversy about the character being racist?!


just started watching Brooklyn nine nine, so damn funny!brilliant ensemble of characters


Surprised nobody has mentioned the Marvellous Mrs Maisel - well worth a look


Yep just finished watching the bodyguard last night on netflix. Fantastic, highly recommend.


I saw an ad for a doco…lemme look…

Here you go.

It’s on SBS on demand if you’re interested.


Watched The Bodyguard recently as well. Really enjoyed it.

Also have just gotten around to watching the first season of Broadchurch. Compelling viewing and interesting to know that not even the cast knew how it was going to end. Really helped to build the suspense and intrigue.


There’s a whole doco on the issue? FMD.



Lucky tripper isn’t here - he would be jumping up and down about wasted taxpayer dollars no doubt.


I hadn’t realised there was a second series of The Deuce on Foxtel. Haven’t seen any ads.

Just downloaded the 7 episodes and series linked the next few.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco about the birth of the ■■■■ industry in the late 70s.


The Haunting of Hill House.

5 episodes in and I really like it.

Would recommend if you enjoy horror/thriller type stuff.


Yep. The best 3 hours of comedy ever put to film.


Oh man you’re in for a treat. Gets better and better.