TV show thread


Charles and the captain are my favourite characters


Rosa Parks one week, giant spiders the next, both beautifully executed: Doctor Who is pretty good at creating new sentences never before heard in this universe.


What the actual fark? are they actually offended or is he just taking the ■■■■ with that doco? For the sake of humanity I hope its the latter


Again, I get the voice.
It is very ‘oh my goodness gracious golly gosh.’
I can understand people getting p!ssed at that.
You couldn’t do it with a lot of other voices.


Also, watched the entire season of Archer Dreamland the other night.
It’s only about 2 and a bit hours.
Gosh I love it.
I feel like that series was made specifically for me.
And gosh I’m conflicted about Pam being…a…guy?


It’s a bit of fun, fark me everyone is ultra sensitive these days

There’s a character called Luigi Risotto on the simpsons who is also played by Hank Azaria, who is a jew and the stereo typical jokes are funny and actually spot on and I’m an italian.

People need to lighten up


Yeah, I get that too.
And Snake is a stereotype and Homer is reeeeeally a stereotype.
But still…
Like I said, I think they treat his actual character with respect, even when there are plenty of cheap laughs to be had.
Yes, Homer disrespects Ganesha, but it’s pretty clear that he’s the jerk.


it’s a cartoon ffs


All the characters are stereotypes, there isn’t one simpsons character that isn’t


Carl is a tough one. I guess he’s the stereotypical person you can’t quite figure out. Carl and the two cops are unsung Simpsons heroes.



Binge watched Mr Inbetween today, was good.


Big fan. Love the dialogue and acting. Has real potential I reckon. Short series testing the water, hope they do another


Kind of a TV show, kind of not: the new Superwog series (on YouTube and ABC) is really good. Not groundbreaking, but its funny.


Poor man’s Fat Pizza.


Final Space for anyone with Rick and Morty withdrawals. Which should be everyone.


New House of Cards is… As terrible as you’d expect it to be.


I mention this again because I haven’t seen anyone else mention it. Just finished the two seasons and it is brilliant. First time in ages that I’ve stayed up beyond sociable hours to watch a TV show.

It is now the most watched non-English show on Netflix, ever. Just renewed for a third season.


Lol. Why did you do it to yourself? We all knew it was going to suck


You can’t go 5 seasons with something and then not care how it ends.

Well, I can’t. Wish I could