TV show thread


8 out of 10 Cats Do Countdown…very funny version of Letters and Numbers with Jimmy Carr hosting and the hottest mathematician ever on the face of the earth in Rachel Riley.


my goodness gracious. i stumbled across this last week. awesome.


The original show (8 Out Of 10 Cats) is great as well


Dangerously entertaining


Task master Is actually the greatest show ever.


Yep, absolutely brilliant. Best reality show I have ever seen. The chemistry between Alex and Greg is great as well


Hard Quiz…Tom Gleeson is a man after my own heart…and you wouldn’t want to have thin skin if you’re a contestant.


Big Mouth is a very funny animated show featuring Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. Excellent take on the puberty years, amazingly crass and thoughtful at the same time.


Going to give this a shot


Hard Talk is also good.


He was in the latest Jack Irish series as the greatest ubernerd butterfly viewer in the history of humanity. What was better was that his character name was that of a long-term mate of mine. A good occasion for hanging poo.


Walking dead?


It still took me 8 seasons to tap out from that, and that’s one of the worst declines in TV history. (And I was over it after 3 seasons)


Yeah I was similar only gave it up last season.

Kept thinking it has to get good again, but nope.


I still haven’t seen the last season of Sherlock.

It happens to me quite often.
I just get to a point where I think, ‘nope. I no longer care what happens. They could all die in a fire next week and it wouldn’t bother me.’


Did you watch Ricks last episode, first time I have watched the show since for about 2 years( I couldn’t take it anymore). Best episode for a long long time( I still won’t go back to watching it though)


Love that show. Genuinely funny.


I hate myself for continually watching it, but after 9 years, I feel I have to see it through… I really hope they finish it soon.


I keep watching it for Maggie, but they’re even turning her into a tedious tin pot philosopher queen.


Word on the street is Vince Gilligan is putting together a two hour movie. Detail is scant but locations in Albuquerque are being scoped, so we Breaking Bad/BCS fans might end up pleased.