TV show thread


My GOAT list of tv shows.

The wire
Six feet under
Breaking bad
True detectives (season one)
Mind hunter
The missing
Boardwalk empire
The night of
Hand maids take
The expanse
Seven seconds
Love my way
Black mirror


I agree, but would say it’s more story based as opposed to action based. More slow burn, but still rewarding.


I’m hanging in there too but only just. Hoping it folds after this season. I had high hopes for Fear but gave it away halfway through season 3.


No love for Battlestar Galactica (2004-09 version) in that list?

Greatest Sci-fi/drama ever made imho.


Late but this season of Always Sunny was very underwhelming.

Solidified that Dennis is the MVP of the show. All the eps without him were pedestrian at best. Best couple were focused on him.


Yes. Persist with it. It’s slow, especially in the first half of the first season. But you need to persist. If you’re not totally addicted after watching the entire first season then give it away.


I don’t say lightly that it’s the best show ever made, but it is the best show ever made.


Yeah, still some funny eps but time to lay it to rest. It’s pretty interesting that only Charlie has gone on to bigger things as far as I know.


Agree fam, show badly needs Dennis and every scene with him is gold, and the others bounce off him with great hilarity. Without Dennis is feels like they’re just 4 stupid idiots doing things, Dennis’ smarts makes the show better due to his interactions with them.

I think the first half of the season was almost back to it’s best, the sex doll episode with the jacket was gold and Mac having random outbursts against Dee… but yesterday I watched eps 6-9 (missed 7 due to forgetting to download) and I agree. Needs more Dennis and less recurring characters from 6 seasons ago. I don’t think they realise the fun was how they became Cricket and and all that, not what they’re like now.


Cricket’s always a good thing


Half way through season 2 of the Sinner on Netflix, pretty solid so far


The sexual harassment seminar was a top 5 Always Sunny ep, peak Dennis fuckery. Escape room and rangerover ep also good.

Then it fell off a cliff. They don’t write most of the eps anymore and it shows.

I did chortle heartily at Frank stuffing chicken up his nose to stop the bleeding tho.


I had Always Sunny recommended to me years ago. Watched the first couple of episodes, one of which involved the crew getting a heap of college freshmen (women) hammered for purposes of sexual conquest. Couldn’t take any more.

I’m far from politically correct, but that’s a bridge too far for me.


It’s a difficult one to explain to anyone who hasn’t given it at least a season. And I don’t reckon they had their ‘philosophy’ sorted in the first season either - don’t think anyone expected it to be more than out of work comedian/actors making part time work for themselves. It’s fearsomely irreverent but in most cases clearly taking the ■■■■ out of the very attitudes and actions they’re portraying. It’s brutal and hilarious at times, and gives you faith that, obviously, not all the yanks are insular nuts.


Plus it’s absurdist comedy. I’ll happily watch an ep of Its Always… back to back with Toast of London and not need to adjust my radar. That millions of people would sooner watch Big Bang Theory doesn’t surprise me at all. Just look at the state of us.


Once you’ve watched three episodes of Big Bang, 2 Broke Girls or 2.5 Men, your teeth start to rot and symptoms of diabetes appear.

As funny as explosive diarrhoea.


Stumbled across Counterpart, picqued my interest because of JK Simmons. Enjoyed the premise and S2 is about to land. Anyone watched/thoughts?


Really dug it. He’s great and the rest of the cast not shabby either. Something different and set in Berlin to boot.


To be fair ED has its moments, if you’re not the protagonist.


I’m not going to recommend this to anybody but I finished the first series of Küdamm 56. I was interested to see how they handled the years after the war.

It’s about a family who own a dance academy in Küdamm, the premier shopping street of West Berlin. Father disappeared on the Russian front and hasn’t returned to the academy. Rock and roll is coming and the mother does not like it, but the youngest daughter, Monika, does.

Three girls…one marries a guy who’s connected but gay, second one, Eva, is obsessed by the neurosurgeon she works for. He has a very murky war past and practises ECT.

The wall isn’t up yet, and the interaction between this family and people in the Soviet eastern sector is interesting.

Another series, Küdamm 59, is set 3 years later,2 years from the wall being built. Interesting to see the dramatisation of a time of massive cultural change.

I’m trying to refrain from anything significant in the storyline. But, while it’s a little slow, so much potential.