TV show thread


Yeah, I love sitcoms but couldn’t get into any of them. The only ones I watch now are Modern Family and Curb your enthusiasm


Just hammered through Bodyguard on Netflix.

As mentioned above, it’s pretty damn good. The ending was a bit, well, convenient, but it still works.



I reckon bsg started running out of steam about half way through S3. To that point is was mint.

In terms of a planned story arc, B5 has it covered. Acting and FX a little hammy and aged by modern standards though


Alright, appreciate that rundown, I was told about this show and promptly forgot. Massively interested in anything along these lines so thanks for waking me up.


Watched half an episode of BB, never seen 2 BGs and only a couple of minutes of 2.5 Men. I have no wish to see any more of them.


I always wanted to be just like Charlie on 2.5 blokes without the rest of the Family, but think I ended up more like Leonard, who at least got the girl.


l will take your word for it, as l have no idea what it means and am not inclined to try and find out. :wink:



Very late to the party but man, its enjoyable.


Have you watched Treme.

It is about New Orleans after Katrina. Hard to get into, but music is great and if you persist it is worth it.


No, have not seen it. I am in Thailand ATM, and l have not had access to regular TV series for 25 years. Apart from sport the only TV l have seen during that time as been via season long sets l bought on DVD.


A few of the guys in the Wire were big players in Treme…Clarke Peters and Wendell Pierce, both as leaders of 7 or 8 disparate strands of New Orleans culture.

Plus Melissa Leo, John Goodman, Kim Dickens (Deadwood), Jon Seda, David Morse, Steve Zahn.

Probably 5 series, finished 5 years ago


4 series, got better as it went along.

New Orleans must have been a very tough place to be after Katrina, and the Police were particularly brutal even by US standards.


Has anyone watched the Outlander series?

(a friend has lent me series 1, is it worth a watch?)


Haven’t watched it, but chicks in my circle seem to dig it.

Edit" Also. just checked it on RT, … and it has consistently rated in the 90’s for all 4 seasons, … so I’m gonna go with yes, … :smirk:


I gave up in S2. If the haggis eaters were silly enough to follow the fop Pretender as portrayed, then they deserved to lose their kilts and bagpipes.

Bludger ended up buggering off with his tail between his legs and dressed in sheilas’ clothes.

The heroine goes OK and the Scottish hero was causing some moisture from the female viewers. The chinless bed-wetter officer was a barry crocker though.



The walking dead has strung together a couple of good episodes. wonders will never cease.

Got me in for another season


Yep I’ve watched all 3 series. It’s not really a chick flick. A lot more to it than that.


Anyone seen rake with Richard Roxburgh. Into 5 th season. I saw him in Sean Connery s last film league of extraordinary Gentlemen.


I’m watching it with the better half. It’s part historical/hysterical? adventure and part Mills and Boon novel. Sex yes, violence yes, Scottish most definitely - wish they had an interpreter at times - but it’s well done and is a rollicking good yarn in parts.