TV show thread


Time travel shows like Outlander always throw up interesting conjectures.

I watched the first episode of You’re the Worst (SBS On Demand), about two fairly toxic individuals in a relationship. It’s 4 years old, but I’ll watch the second.

Started on Küdamm 59 last night…must begetting closeish to the Berlin Wall going up.


Is Rake back on (the ABC) ?

I love that show.

Edit: Never mind, I just found Season 5 on iveiw, Season 5 started on ABC while I was away.


Yup, Search “Rake” in this thread. Been a fair bit said.


I got 3 eps in and haven’t got back to it yet, … just didn’t feel up to par. I couldn’t help but think “oh no, Rake’s jumped the Shark” I doubt there’ll be a season 6 unfortunately, .:frowning:


That’s disappointing to hear. Hoping to start watching it tomorrow night.


Finally got round to catching up on Legion, halfway through Season 2.
Man is that one bonkers of a show. There’s some really nice scenes and the special effects are great, but it’s such a convoluted story line. There’s a lot of weirdness added to the show for the sake of it.


Anyone watching Sinner on netflix? Season 2 is out and it’s a pretty darn good show


I’m finding that with a lot of the newer shows now.

It’s like everyone’s trying to out weird or out complex other shows that have worked.

Just gets fkn exhausting in the end. Sometimes you don’t want to feel like you’ve just played 3 rounds of chess against a computer in the evening,… you just want a bit of easy thinking distraction, and maybe a couple of laughs,

Speaking of which, … after binging Atypical, . (No one??), I’ve hooked into Brockmire at last after the reminder a couple of days ago; … and it’s filling that exact role perfectly. Good show.


Atypical was good, not sure season 2 was as good as season 1.


Ha, … Great minds eh? :wink:


Anyone else watch Mayans?
As a SOA fan I thought it was pretty good! Reminded me how much I hated Potter!!


Channel 10 have announced 4 shows trialed in pilot week are commissioned for full runs in 2019: Taboo, Kinne Tonight, Trial by Kyle (groan) and Saturday night live with rove


Had to rewind the end of the latest episode to make sure what I thought happened, actually happened.


Just watched a few from the second season and it is excellent.


Series is good but really recommend reading the novels- 8 so far with 9th out next year. Historically accurate events woven into fictional time travel story.


GOT to screen next April.


Finally watched s1 of the man in the high castle. If there is a show with more buildings with magical, unguarded, back doors which facilitate the escape of the protagonists I haven’t seen it.

That said, I quite enjoyed it.


Did anyone end up watching “counterpart” on SBS? they had heaps of ads on it during the World Cup and I always wanted to watch it but haven’t had the time


Reckon I’ll only watch one, the Saturday night live. We don’t have a good variety show anymore


Yeah, I watched the 1st 7 eps, . and will have to get back to it.

Not bad, … but you have to suspend disbelief a lot, … and another where there’s a lot of deciphering to do, which as I said earlier, can be all too hard when you’re tired and just looking to unwind in the Eve.

One better suited for a dedicated wide awake bingefest I’d say.