TV show thread


Yep, and read it’s 6 episodes only, but there will be spinoff series set 100’s of years pre GOT.


Aren’t they doing 2 seasons of 6 episodes?


Don’t know.

‘The season will contain just six episodes, although they will reportedly be super-sized — some as long as feature films.’

This is a current piece, however the piece I read the other day did not say ‘reportedly be super-sized — some as long as feature films.’


I did and really enjoyed it


No. Benioff and Weiss said at the end of Season 6 there were 13 episodes left in the series - the 7 episodes in Season 7 and these final 6 episodes.


De Dag aka The Day.

A cut above the usual show SBS buys exclusively for its on-demand section. This one is a Belgian hostage thriller (spoken in Dutch) with a reasonably unique way of telling its story. Some robbers announce they’ve locked themselves into a bank and taken numerous hostages - odd numbered episodes tell the story from the viewpoint of the police (chiefly its negotiation team), reporters and families outside the bank; even numbered episodes relate the experiences of the hostages and criminals.

Overall the show is very well done, with the writing in particular, the stand-out, with some excellent twists. The only real criticism I could make of it is that, episodes end on a twist or incident - if you pick the twist or what has happened, it can feel like a bit of a cheat for the writers, particularly in later episodes as effectively its 20mins of actual story into a 40-45min show - the last episode, unfortunately, is particularly guilty of this.

The show just finished its burn-off FTA run, but it is still available via SBS on Demand until 2020.


Thanks - clearly forgot the previous season was the first half of the what was to be the last season.


Why would a Belgian show be spoken in Dutch. Sure it’s not Flemish?

Why would the Clog Wogs get their way?


They are doing a movie of Breaking Bad.


That guy is terrible, but I saw that the pilot episode had Natalie Tran as one or his sidekicks. One of the funniest people in the country, imo


yeah i’m late too. caught it on the plane a few weeks and am nearly done with season 2 now.

Have you seen the BAN (ep 7) episode yet? i was that guy on the plane laughing loudly and crying. hilarious.


I did some research after seeing this as that threw me too, but evidently something has changed in the last 30 years, internationally more so than internally, as the Carmen Sandiego Europe game (circa late 80’s) I played growing up listed Flemish & French as the official languages of Belgium, but current data has 3 official languages: Dutch, French and German.

After looking into things further, apparently linguistically Flemish as a separate language doesn’t exist, its just Dutch.

This makes interesting reading:


Yes. Was definitely laughing uncomfortably while way through!

Just about finished season 1


I’ve heard about it, … thought about it, & I’d like to, but you know, … RAP.


Don’t think I’d hang in there for long.


It’s not about rap at all.

It takes the ■■■■ out of modern culture but especially perceived black American culture.

And has great characters. Watch one and see how you go

Edit - they’re like half hour episodes and on sbs on demand


Ok. Will have a crack.

Read it was about a Rapper trying to make it in the Industry.


Watching Maniac on Netflix, directed by the same guy who did the first season of True Detective.

A bit off beat & quirky, but I’m enjoying it - good line up of actors too


Thanks for the recommendation- watched episode 1 last night… looking forward to the next one.


Finished season 1 of Mr. Robot. It handles music beautifully in this show, better than The Sopranos which I thought did it the best. Just imo.


It really does. Sometimes subtly too, you’re like wait, I know that melody in the background, what is it?