TV show thread


Mr Inbetween, … WTAF? Just started to get it’s style and engage with it, and it was over. Only a half dozen episodes, at just 20 odd minutes, and done.

Really weird way to make a TV show at any time, let alone in the Generation Netflix landscape.


Crammed a lot into the 20 odd mins an episode though. Second season already confirmed so will be interesting to see how many episodes it has. Having said all that gee it was good, i loved it


There is a moment near the start of season 2 that uses a Phil Collins song of all things…

It might be the best use of music I’ve ever seen.


Brothers in arms in the west wing is by far the best use of music ever.


Bodyguard is a solid series

Plenty of themes to think about

I think it will be worth a re watch down the track


Start of the second episode of the second season, and I absolutely agree. Who would have thought that a Phil Collins song building slowly in the background could build tension so well.


I think I’m hanging for the last season of Mr Robot more than I am the last season of Game Of Thrones.


Is there somewhere it’s available other than Foxtel? I don’t see it up on itunes yet.


latest season of game of thrones was tepid at best. season before tho OH BABY


Sorry i need to revise,

season 5 was ■■■■■.


Just on the subject of soundtracks I’ve been devouring this podcast called the soundtrack show over the last couple of weeks. It’s a must listen for any fans of orchestral scores.


This is my favourite. Especially if you know the context of the scene.


West Wing Season IV finale.
Angel - Massive Attack

Edit: actually it’s the third last of the season, Ep 22.



Finally watched the final ep of Hill House. Quite satisfying but I can’t see there being another series.


I was going to link this too. Amazing.


Narcos Mexico from Netflix looks a good series


Binging on The Sinner on Netflix. Didn’t like s1, but s2 is ok.

What I did find very, very good was “22 July” (also on Netflix) which is the story of that guy who ran amok in Norway about 10 years ago. Pretty harrowing viewing but well told and acted.


Mike Flanagan said if there is a second season it would be with different characters, which makes sense.


One of the all time great songs.

Mark Knopfler is brilliant