TV show thread


Hurt was used well in Person of Interest after Carter died


you might have to download it.


The last kingdom season 3 is out and it has not disappointed.


Into the second series of You’re the Worst. I’m enjoying it. Two characters who are used to toxic relationships hook up.


As a long time Reaper crew addict this soundtrack got to me


Finished watching last episode of The Day (De Dag) on SBS on demand last night. Really enjoyed it - the alternate episodes of cops and crims was really well done. Plenty of twists in the plot. Thanks to whoever it was on Blitz that recommended it :+1:


Thought I would give Sick Note (Netflix) a go on the weekend watched the whole first season and now into the second, got quite a few laughs out of it.


One word, Skade.:stuck_out_tongue:


There’d been some talk about a show on Amazon Prime, The Marvellous Mrs Maisel about a Jewish-American Princess in 50s New York becoming a stand-up comedienne.

Rachel Brosnahan plays aforementioned ■■■ (she also played a Jewish wife in Manhattan) despite being of English-Irish parentage. But then, Tony Shalhoub, a good Lebanese gent, plays her very Jewish father. This is extreme anti-Semitism at its worst, denying Jewish actors the right to play Jews. Last time I looked there was no shortage of Jewish actors of either gender around.

She meets the dream man and marries him, and makes a great speech at the wedding. Bears him 2 kids and supports him on his aim to be a stand-up comic. And then, on the day before Yom Kippur when the rabbi has finally consented to visit their house after she’d made a crack at the wedding about the rolls containing shrimp, which sent the practising Jews out in high dudgeon, her husband leaves her for his airhead secretary…with her suitcase. She gets ■■■■■■ and fronts at the dive where the stand-up happens, and is miles funnier than him.

Now to keep watching.


For any old fools like me out there, Rage playing a slightly unimaginative (but I’ll still watch) Australian 80’s playlist tonight.

Probably put together by someone not even born then, but I respect the effort.


Started watching “Sick Note” today which is a British comedy with Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from Harry Potter) and Nick Frost in it.

Would recommend if you are after a laugh.


Times like this that I really miss living in OZ. Baked on the couch watching ‘Rage’.


I love this show. By the same people as Gilmore Girls. Wouldn’t have thought it was your thing.


Season 3 of F is for Family up on Netflix. Finally.

Farking hilarious.


You misjudge me.

It doesn’t strike me as neurotic as some other New York comedies, nor does it have zombies or space aliens.


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, a new movie on Netflix made into 6 separate & unrelated short films by the Coen Brothers is a great watch.

There is a common theme running through all 6 vignarettes & being a Western, is in some parts hilarious & brutal.

With cinematography to rival John Ford film’s & actors of the quality of Tim Blake Nelson (as funny as his part on O Brother Where Art Thou?) Liam Neeson, Brendan Gleeson, James Franco & a brilliant role by Tom Waits, you can’t go wrong.

A huge improvement over that last mess they made with George Clooney (Hail Caesar) & would have looked great on the big screen, I can only imagine they thought a bunch of short films woven into a movie wouldn’t have worked in the cinema.

Will never know now, 8/10


Berlin Station is back on On Demand.


Yep…just finished watching it…it gets better with each season


Just finished Series 1.

Series 2 dropped yesterday.


Netflix - Sick Note has Rupert Grint (off harry potter Ron Wealey, and starred in one of Ed Shearans early music videos.

Basically about some dude who was misdiagnosed with Cancer, and then pretending he still has it cause his work (insurance company) are using him as the face of a campaign, and he is getting extra $$$.
He’s basically a lazy, gamer, just turns up to work to do the bare minimum. Not bad, to pass the time when u are up at 1 and 4am.