TV show thread


Mrs Maisel is getting better and better. Midge has gone for her annual summer holidays to the Catskills, Zachary Levi from Chuck has entered the scene and anything else is a spoiler.

S2Ep7 is a ball-tearer. Anniversary of the first Yom Kippur when Midge hit the Starlight for the first time, her husband left her and she got arrested.


A new Black Mirror movie called Bandersnatch is dropping on 28 December. Will be based on a much anticipated game that was never released in the 1980s (google it).

Rumour also is that this movie/episode will be the long anticipated ‘choose your own adventure’ episode where viewers be able to choose how the story proceeds.


Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures is the unfunniest thing I have ever seen.


I googled that Bandersnatch movie and read the whole article. Are they talking a whole new language ?
The write-up was terrible and so confusing that it didn`t make any sense at all. The whole article was all over the shop without really telling you anything about the movie.
Can someone please explain , in laymans terms , what the hell they were saying ?


I don’t think there’s actually much info about it out yet, which is why the articles are a bit vague and confusing.


Although this was posted a few hours ago…


Thanks SMJ . Looks interesting.


Esmail’s latest offering “Homecoming” is well worth the journey.

I’m liking the wind up the story in one splash mini series format more & more. Hope their increasing prevalence continues.


I just watched it and posted about it in the movie thread, as it is a movie.


Thanks AnnStBomber


I’ve watched it too. I didn’t think the story was up to normal Black Mirror standards but the interactive part was really fun.

Would love to discuss it but I don’t know how to do spoiler tags!


Escape at Dannemora. Episode 6, FMD!

Great show, episode 6 fantastic, a bit grizzly but good nonetheless


Blur Spoiler This


Highlight text to blur, … hit as shown, … done.


Thanks BSD

Interestingly when I manually typed those tags (as I always do) it didn’t work!


Anyway, Bandersnatch…

Man Brooker really really really wanted you to kill that dad


Just watched finale of escape at Dannemora. Excellent show


Mini Series, … tick, … Good reviews, … tick, … fair actors, … tick, … Good subject matter, … tick.

Looks good, hadn’t even heard of it. Thanks very much for the heads up Tezz. :+1:


It’s only seven EPs and last one is 100 mins. There won’t be a second series. Well worth it


Escape at Dannemora is definitely worth a look. True crime story, excellent acting and direction. Sound track also compelling. Gets a big tick from me.


Farkn concur