TV show thread


I thought the first few eps they were trying too hard with the music, but it was great . Episode 6 , everything changed. I didn’t know it was a true crime story, glad they didn’t milk it for more than one series.
Hanging out for new true detective series in about 2 weeks


There are about 8 episodes on Real Crime Profile on Spotify (starting at ep 152) where they chat with the writers and some of the actors from the show giving more insight and back stories of the escape, if you’re interested.


Get onto this


Brilliant. Cheers.


Ok i finished Breaking Bad last night and i thought I’d check in with some final thoughts. The last season was the best by far. The first for were good, just not great but the final season they really upped their game. Not sure how to blur the text for spoilers so i won’t say more



Do you need spoilers for breaking bad?

It’s been around long enough


Always best to not though. I know people who haven’t seen it still and intend to, & I’m planning on watching the last few seasons again shortly myself, so would rather not see any.

And it’s not like it’s hard to do at all.


Yeah prefer not to drop spoilers…

i expected walt would die in the end and i was right. I thought the final episode wasn’t quite there but everything leading up to it was awesome… hank’s death was one of those moments that just hit you, walt giving jesse up, geez those couple of episodes were hard hitting.
I’m not sure if i quite rate it as well as everyone has because the journeywas long but that last season was great


Been meaning to mention “Detectorists”,… anyone??

Subtle, warm, funny, pathos fueled slice of realistic everyday Pommy ordinaries lives.

When you’ve had enough of mystery, intrigue, double crosses, guns, murder, super heroes & all manner of dramatic far fetched scenarios etc, and just want to chill, … this is just relaxed, easy, and brilliant.

Just good,


Yep, comfort telly par excellence


Just finished Escape at Dannemora.

Geez that was slow… Which is usually fine, if you find any of the characters remotely likeable.

Acting was great, Stiller shot the hell out of it, but I reckon it was a movie that went on 6 hours too long.


ZHas anyone copped The Kominsky Method on Netflix? Chuck Lorre creation with Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas.

It won best comedy series at the Golden , Michael Douglas best actor.

Rachel Brosnahan best actress.

Lorre’s having done Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory would certainly make me think twice about watching his stuff.


Yes, I quite enjoyed it; Arkin and Douglas work well together. Douglas plays a bit of a ■■■■■■, he’s rather good at that.

To55er is a swear word now?


I thought episode 6 was fantastic, if not a bit gruesome, and revealed exactly how bad they were, before that, it was just a prison break story. I liked it overall. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction


I did like that episode, although they did spend 12 slow and boring minutes on that cop at the start. WAY too much development.

But yes, it finished pretty strong. I just felt it might have made a better movie than a series. As I said, I like a slow burn, but not with these characters.


Is OK without being great; milks the joke re his Chinese bladder keeping him up at night

Alan Arkin is so much a better actor than MD is it isn’t funny. Must be something to do with this genes


I’m between study semesters and want something to watch. Is Dannemora worth me signing up to Stan?


Not sure, as I haven’t seen it yet, … but I’d be tipping the 2 week Free Trial would be enough time to find out. :wink:


That’s what I was thinking! Though i do enjoy Billions which I think starts up in March.